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    Insurance coverage exemptions

    This entire discussion so far reads like innuendo to me. Sadly.
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    Blue Kilrathi

    So, I saw X-Men: First Class and the first thing I thought when I saw the Beast in his blue fur form was 'BLUE KILRATHI' This has inspired me to make the following ~~~cat-style image. :D
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    Getting an out of touch fan back into the games.

    Thanks for the recommendation! I just installed it last night. Outside of enabling a sweet 1280x800 resolution, is there any toggle that fixes my problem with the little frame skips? Again, it's not a big problem but there's a split second where I really have to be sure about pulling the...
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    Texting while Flying

    HAW! Good one!
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    Getting an out of touch fan back into the games.

    I kind of gave up after being stuck with Maniac so often, but I'm going to try that soon. You're talking about the DOSBox settings right, and not some internal file in the Wing Commander directory? I'm currently playing Prophecy, with the intention of going backwards in time and I've...
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    BREAKING NEWS: Crusader on GOG (June 9, 2011)

    I'm pretty sure it was Firaxis (the studio that left Microprose to create all-new IP, and then proceeded to become The House of Revamping Sid Meier's Old Microprose Work)and not Maxis that developed Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri.
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    100 Greatest Videogames of All Time (according to a Fandomania poll)

    Just to play devil's advocate, I say 'Greatest' is a nebulous adjective that can be defined in any way by the people who put together these lists. In which case, you'd definitely see Wing Commander as 'Best' if they are referring to objective quality, and you'dm definitely see Wing Commander...
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    Happy Birthday, Mr. Roberts! (May 27, 2011)

    Wasn't Chris also the guy who played Blair in the WC2 Speech Pack? I still remember what Chris looks like cause the guy who owned the computer store I bought Wing Commander from looked a lot like him.
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    Wing Commander Movie in Kotaku.

    I'm pretty sure my recollection is incorrect. That's why I'm asking. As for 'not being properly introduced' I mean to say is that in the 96 minute cut, we can infer that Prinze, Lillard and Karyo are Blair, Marshall and Taggart, but only because the preceding scene talks about them. I'm not...
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    Happy Birthday, Mr. Roberts! (May 27, 2011)

    Who is Ellen Guon?
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    Getting an out of touch fan back into the games.

    Is it just me, or does the game have performance issues that need to be adjusted in DOSBox? I know how to use DOSBox and tweak my games and all that. I even used MoSlo during the 9x days to run Vengeance of the Kilrathi, but I can't tell whether I'm getting the 'authentic' experience right...
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    Wing Commander Movie in Kotaku.

    I must see this. I recently saw the movie as well, and I was puzzled by it. I can't tell if it's the memories of the novel or the first time I saw the movie, but I feel like the 96-minute cut is missing some scenes that I must've read in either the novel or a cut of the movie that doesn't...
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    Wing Commander Movie in Kotaku.

    I think I've seen a movie like that. I think the late 90s was a weird time for big budget science fiction, and there'sprobably some inference to be made about the fact that it was the turn of the millenium and what its effect was on those movies. I mean we had Lost in Space, in which a...
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    Getting an out of touch fan back into the games.

    I intend to play the games according to chronological order, excluding the Academy, Armada and Privateer games. So where do I fit this in? The only game I never actually played was any of the post-Prophecy material from Secret Ops and I can't recall to what extent I finished the WC1/WC2...