Michael Paul Cottam

I've worked for: EA x3 (Manchester, Vancouver and Guilford), LucasArts/Film, Pandemic, THQ, Psygnosis/Sony, Warthog, EA/Origin, Relentless, Totally Games, DigiPen and Gaia Technology.

I've completed eighteen AAA games and worked on twenty, while living in: England, United States, Canada, Australia and Singapore. I also had the privilege of working with George Lucas (My lifetime ambition) in 2002 while building 3D models for Star Wars. Later, I helped Doug Chiang make his trailers for Robota (A film currently in production)

I was introduced to games in Austin Texas by Chris Robers and Paul Steed. While Paul built his first 3D ships for Wing Commander he was teaching me so I could build models for Privateer the Darkening back in the UK. We used a software package called EOR. Happy days!

Before games I worked as an electrician (during this time I created the first CD and the first digital newspaper), I was also a self employed artist (Sponsored by Staedtler Pencils), an engineer at ICI and a CAD operator.

I work in film, games, education and write novels.
May 27, 1963 (Age: 60)
China (from the UK)
Art Director


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