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    Happy ace's Happy Month!

    Are we still doing WAV files for AHM?
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    The most loathed startfighter ever.

    WC1-Dralthi. Basically another Scimitar packaged up in new skin. What's with the advertisment on the back of the SM1 box that boasts 4 new ships? There's the Venture, that's really supposed to be in WC1 and is only in 1 mission in SM1, the Dilligent that's only in 1 mission and just looks...
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    That Editing Room script thingie...

    This is [OLD], yet still good.
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    Happy Holidays!

    Well well well, ladies and gentlemen, look who's back :) Merry Christmas from the one and only Maverick!
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    The Bellisarius Group...

    I was under the assumption that the Belisarius group pretty much died out after the Vesuvius/Tolwyn debacle. If anything, they've pretty much laid low since then, or possibly even died. Odds are they couldn't gather any support now no matter how hard they tried.
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    I didn't know Flint was from earth!

    Another scre-up from Origin. Here are some of the many botch-ups I saw in the WC manuals. Maniac's homeworld changes from Leto, Proxima Centauri IV to Earth in WC3 or so. Hawk's homeworld changes from Ella to I forget which planet in WCP. Kien Chen and Mariko Tanaka in WC1 become Chen Kien...
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    Do you know why Americans salute with their palms downwards? It came about for two reasons. First, they wanted to be unlike the British. Second, sailors did not want officers to see that they had tar on their hands, so they turned them downwards to hide them.
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    I'll tell you this much, if they can get away with it in The Green Berets, they can do it in WC. Also, keep in mind that Vaquero has a ponytail and Blair has a relationship with his Wing Commander in that game, nobody seemed to really care when they kissed on the flight deck.
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    I think it has to do with the writers of the story/game (again). Tolwyn makes a semi-appearance in SM1 (on the box cover on the back) and 2, as well as Freedom Flight. His first real appearance is in WC2, where he is distrustful of Blair. However, he's forgivably hateful of Blair, since...
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    WC Prophecy Soundtrack

    It's much like the Mission: Impossible "Soundtrack". I.E., Music "Inspired by the movie", even though the majority of the tracks don't appear in the movie.
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    Various Confed Government questions...

    When would elections be held for president? Every four years? If that's so, when would WC-era elections be?
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    It's January 8th...

    The Christmas stuff is still up because today is an important holiday. Elvis Presley only has one birthday per year. Yes, right now, he's at some Wal-mart picking out a birthday cake as we speak (even though he shouldn't have a don't have your Jailhouse Rock figure anymore, Elvis)
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    First mission off of the T.C.S. Lexington...

    In that case, they must have ben the Tanafen pirates stolen from Bruce Tannock's story... Arrr! This is Lord Jon Tan of the TanaFen, and we're going to attack the Midway in our freighters! Arrr, me captain, wouldn't it make more sense to attack merchant ships, who have less weaponry and more...
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    Various Confed Government questions...

    I was writing a recent independent story, and have come upon some questions regarding the Confederation's government. What is Paladn's position? It would seem he is a senator, and a fairly powerful one, possibly making him the Senate Majority leader. However, in the WC4 novel, he claims that...