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    WC3 on Crazy

    I never learned to use slide and I've once played it on Nightmare.
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    My Favorite Movie (March 12, 2019)

    I think WC is an average game movie - which is pretty bad. I only have VHS (picked from a flea market years ago). I don't feel that strongly about it, kinda meh.
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    I think I found an actor to play Tolwyn in a WC-prequel.

    On the general subject, I think Paul Bettany pulled off real well playing young version of McDowell's character in Gangster No 1.
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    Academy Gauntlet

    ...and today I beat the Gauntlet for second time - now without wingman! :D My points didn't even make it to my top 5 - about 120k when my record is 133k - so I was very lucky with enemies killing each other or running away more than usual. And didn't have almost any collisions through game...
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    Are Armada and Academy worth playing?

    For me the good part of Academy was/is the Gauntlet: one big challenge you can take a shot at now and then. Took me 15 years to beat it - with best ship and wingman; next I'll have to get through it solo or with one of the other ships... I've never been too fond of Armada, but that may have been...
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    If there was a new Wing Commander game?

    I don't remember if I ever told you (or anyone) an idea I've had for continuing Prophecy story. I want to know the history of Nephilim and my idea is that they were originally a peaceful, civilized race that then encountered the primitive Kilrathi. In attempt to help them develop, they gave...
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    My Old Games collection... ;)

    I've got similar Finnish version of Max Payne 2. And picked Outpost 2 couple years back from flea market, but it's still on my backlog...
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    meet the poster

    My name is Tomi (that's pronounced like Tommy with sharper T; like in NakaTOMI in Die Hard). I'm soon 38, from Finland. My first contact with WC was one of first games magazines I had, the very first issue of Pelit (still Finland's major games publication) in 1992, which had review of Special...
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    how parts of wing commander are in most thing I love

    Among other things, Chris Roberts was a producer of Lord of War - a film with one of coolest openings ever.
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    [SPOILERS] Star Wars movie thread... [Don't read this thread if you haven't seen the movie yet]

    Back when waiting for the movie, I was thinking it might be good idea to kill Luke, Leia and Han in each film of the trilogy. I even had a storyline in mind, with Han dying in VII (nailed it!), then his son falling to dark side (wrong order, but close enough) and killing Luke in VIII (may...
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    [SPOILERS] Star Wars movie thread... [Don't read this thread if you haven't seen the movie yet]

    I assumed Republic has been wanting to avoid confrontation and all out war with First Order, thus Resistance - people seeing Order as the threat it is - has been forced to fight without their support. I think the ending aimed for a feel similar to Empire Strikes Back ending, but turned out more...
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    [SPOILERS] Star Wars movie thread... [Don't read this thread if you haven't seen the movie yet]

    My first reaction to seeing the film was that this is like a 4th part to the original trilogy - but I don't mean that as compliment. It's a typical sequel in series that was starting to get tired by third film (another Death Star?). Avoiding spoilers and reviews I had expected this to be a big...
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    Wing Commander III acting...

    Well, we are talking about a technologically superior enemy. Against such one ship of maximum power may be better solution than number of cannon fodder.
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    Wing Commander III acting...

    My favorite moment - not just as dialogue, but for acting - is: - We're headed to Kilrah with that thing, aren't we? - Well, what would you aim for if you had the biggest gun in the universe? Privateer 2 has some great acting, if it weren't for McDowell I might say it better than WCs.
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    New Game

    For gameplay, I prefer guns to be in middle. In some WC ships you occasionally almost have to choose if you're trying to hit the enemy with left or right guns. Of course that doesn't matter if this is enemy ship - enemy like that may even be more interesting. On the other hand missiles IMO are...