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    WC 1 & 2 (Kilrathi Saga) with LCD monitor?

    I think you're right about the refresh rate. On my monitor it comes up with a rate that doesn't quite match any of the "built-in" modes my (CRT) monitor prefers, but fortunately it will still work, I just had to save the mode as a User Mode.
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    Is Palpatine Darth Sidious?

    The first mention of the Emperor being Senator Palpatine are in the novelization of the first movie (first released, A New Hope, not Ep I). I used to have an old copy of that from the 70's (probably still have it somewhere) and I know that's where I first encountered the name Palpatine. So...
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    Origin games that never were

    He meant it was in the list in the first post. I thought it was pretty obvious, there is no chance Origin, no matter how revived it becomes, can make such a game, and it's unnecessary because there already is one now.
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    Which are you for? terraforming Mars or leaving it in its Red form

    The shuttles crashed? They didn't crash, they exploded. Crashing implies they either hit another shuttle or the ground or a satallite or something. They didn't, they just blew up. </nitpicking>
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    Wing Commander Ports

    Regarding SegaCD stuff... Source:
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    Kilrathi Saga 1&2 cheating

    No, just if I have more fun with the cheats than without, which happens to be the case with Wing Commander games. I love them, but I suck so badly at them that I'd never get anywhere, so I cheat. If I don't suck at a game, or if I at least feel I'm getting better, then I won't cheat, but Wing...
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    Reboot upon startup of Privateer

    Good luck with that. I couldn't get it to work with my Sidewinder, so I had to dig out my old Gravis Gamepad.
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    Reboot upon startup of Privateer

    I get both sound and music with MyJemm. I didn't have to do anything special or anything. It just worked when I tried it. Maybe it's because I have a real SB16 and I'm not just trying to emulate it on my SB Live.
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    Choppy Privateer 2

    I found the game to be choppy when I was playing in a DOS boot, but under Win98 it seems fine. Are you playing the DOS native version, or the Windows native version? I read an earlier thread where someone said the DOS native version is better to run. Fortunately that's the version I have :)
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    Finally got Priv's been awhile

    That's very odd. Any version that lets you still boot into DOS should have it. Anyway, glad you got it working even without it.
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    Better than Moslo? (WC1&2)

    Thanks again!
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    Better than Moslo? (WC1&2)

    Thanks for the tips. I did try the old version of WC1 since I last posted, and it is totally unplayable, even with MoSlo at the max setting. I would try that cache thing, but I did something and mucked up my installation, so I have to reinstall the game to try anything else, and I don't want...
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    Casey's callsign

    If you haven't figured it out, I decided to call him Icestorm. I wanted something "Icy" for Iceman's son, but thought Iceboy or Iceman Jr. or anything like that weren't right (no offense to those who suggested those, they just don't work for me.) Well, I was stuck, then I figured, "hey, his name...
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    Good, or ripoff?

    Even though it's sealed, it still doesn't look to be in great shape. The box looks all crushed in the picture of the backside. I'd be worried about the condition of the discs inside. It's not uncommon for even a nondamaged box to have a damaged CD inside (I remember my first copy of Prophecy had...
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    Kilrathi Saga 1&2 cheating

    "but come on buddy,you cant enjoy a WC by using invul. or any other cheat.... " Hey, don't try and tell ME how to enjoy MY game. You might not have fun using cheats, but I do, I find it much more fun then always dying because as I said, I kinda suck at the game. I gotta laugh at all these...