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    Database Slider on Website Problem

    I can no longer move the slider on the website for the craft databases. Maybe a deprecated function is used?
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    Is there any ACTIVE PGG forum?

    Looks like the forums got purged... including the link for the Podbelski Tweak packages
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    How do the damage models differ

    WC1/WC3/WC4 - little difference between capships and a really big, slow fighter WC2 - I think the ship's have powerful shields that torps by-pass and capships weapons do so much damage they knock down shields and damage the ship (and armor?). Of course, the capship fights are so rare, they...
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    A message from John Rhys-Davies. 21st March 2020.

    Ole Paladin.... have message, will travel
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    Annual Call For Award Nominations (November 22, 2019)

    Hopefully, next year will be a great year for Gemini Sector RP, so we can compete.
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    Annual Call For Award Nominations (November 22, 2019)

    Here's hoping for another great year for WC in 2020!
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    Join Us in Gemini

    One-shot has been moved to Sunday. Come us at 11 AM EST.
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    Join Us in Gemini

    Come on, come all and join us in the Gemini Sector this coming Saturday starting at 11 AM EST. The Wing Commander Gemini Sector Discord RPG will be holding a one-shot session to introduce new players to the roleplaying and combat system. No character creation is required as we will have some...
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    [WC:RPG] I am a Stiletto pilot on board the TCS Majestic, AMAA

    Especially with the way she dressed at the Nitir afterparty.
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    Wing Commander Meme of the Day: Woman Yelling at Cat (November 15, 2019)

    Best meme for wing commander out there yet...
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    [WC:RPG] I am a Stiletto pilot on board the TCS Majestic, AMAA

    WHAT???... you haven't done a taste comparison between a glass of reproduction 20th century coke vs that swill called Lynch Cola? Seriously, you should give it a try.
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    [WC:RPG] I am a Stiletto pilot on board the TCS Majestic, AMAA

    I've flown around in few asteroid fields, which ship do you prefer to fly when navigating those big rocks: the fast Stiletto or the slow Broadsword or is the less sluggish shuttle more your speed? - 2nd Lt. Bradford 1087th Fighter Squadron - Minutemen
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    Tablet Sketches Enhance RPG Atmosphere (October 29, 2019)

    Well I can't take too much credit. My time as a player in the original MUSH was a huge inspiration for not only bringing the game back with Discord, but creating a combat resolution engine to adjudicate the gameplay.
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    Unknown Enemy Upgrade

    Unity has some good customizazation. Just grab some packages. Since it is not a game, the focus is only on tying the packages together to allow for script-based sequences of commands. No HP or user inputs or object interactions. Much quicker to setup. DK UMA 2 is a good means of creating lots...
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    Interest in a Text-Based Roleplay Wing Commander Game

    Here is a sample screenshot of combat status page and a round of combat.