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    NSIS Error Message

    I just went through the same thing last night---burning onto a cd to bring home, I tested on this machine, and recieved that message. I used a different cd and it worked fine, and now is safely on my home machine.
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    Thank you!

    And to all the GG's lurking out there, Hello! Seriously, I am so excited to be able to play, once again, possibly one of the greatest computer games ever written! Thank you so much, for all of your hard work and generous donation of your time and efforts. Guns GG
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    What will the Next WC Game Be?

    Nope...It will be a Vega Strike mod
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    I must be nuts.

    Well, it's an ok game...I may even still have the patches for it saved somewhere on floppy.....but the Darkening is on the bottom of my Wing Commander play list.....I played it 2 or 8 times, and it has not left my CD rack since. I can't get RF to run at all, which is a shame. I may give...
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    I must be nuts.

    I agree, the RPG aspects of Privateer are as good as it gets. There is always one more thing that is juuuusssttt out of reach, which is the hallmark of any good rpg. The gameplay is well balanced untill you get halfway into the plot...(I never have made it thru the 20-30 kazillion kilrathi...
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    I must be nuts.

    UMMMMM---Does anyone remember Thumper, an Origin employee, grilling us one night on the best aspects of Privateer?? He was trying to get a windows Privateer game started after so many GG's poo-poo'd "The Darkening". All the GG's agreed that what made Privateer so special was that you were...
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    The Privateer is back!

    Any more of us Gray Goats, errrr Ghosts out there??????
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    The Privateer is back!

    Hi everyone! Bandit LOAF, remember me? Been a few years. :D Thanks to Myjemm, I can now play my favorite game in the universe once again!