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    Kilrathi Saga-WC3 crashes on XP

    When I tried that solution, my VDMS kept telling me it had not enough Files, asking me to set files to 25 at least, although the VDMS Config.sys already had a line Files=40. I wonder you hadn't had this error. What did you exactly do in VDMS, how did you configure VDMS to start your batch...
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    WC3 Kilrathi Saga WinXP

    The Problem is a lot easier. What our french friend found out - but did not realise - that pressing ALT+ENTER sets the game into window mode. Not running a special software in the background does the trick but going into window mode itself does! Wing Commander III is - it seems to be only THAT...
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    Problem installing he DOS version of Wing Commander 4 on XP

    You can play the dos version without dosbox, installing by clicking the startwc4.exe from the CD. After that, the mouse won't work, but the game is installed on your harddrive so far. Now you use the win95 patch and the win2k fix for that patch, both files available here in the Files Section of...
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    WC3 KS Version fix on XP

    Having a problem with WC3-KS: First off I've got the same troubles playing WC3 in Fullscreen. Whenever I cancel a movie by hitting esc, the game ocasionally freezes when clicking around the victory. Hittinh ALT+ENTER when the game starts helps, as in windowed mode this problem seems not to...
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    WC3 on WINXP SP2, 100% working solution

    This is not suprising at all, since the KS Version already runs well without ANY patches available on my computer under XP. When using the KS Version of WCIII, you won't even need the VDMSound Software for that.
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    WCIII Dos Version - Defending Sol Mission Bug ?

    Well, I solved the problem. Now I've freed Dr. Severin. Don't know what was different this time, though ... I just did it like before. Rushin' in, killing of those Ekapshi Fighters, then destroyed every tank seen on the radar. THIS time I got the vid sequence, freed the doc and switched to...
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    WCIII Dos Version - Defending Sol Mission Bug ?

    No, I'm aware of the several ground navpoints. I referred to my navmap to make sure I didn't miss something, but I'm certain that I've done everything possible. Though I don't get that damn landing vid ... x_X
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    WCIII Dos Version - Defending Sol Mission Bug ?

    Well, of course I did not. Had the same idea first, but multiple runs lead to the same outcome. Every tank and every atmosphere fighter destroyed, tough I don't get the vid in which vagabond lands nearby and knocks the doc out. Radar is clear of enemies though. Gray
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    WCIII Dos Version - Defending Sol Mission Bug ?

    Well, since I've never been on the losing track of the game before, I suppose that there's been something wrong in one of the earlier missions, since - no matter what I do - I cannot complete the "Free Dr. Severin" Mission. I will look into this further. Thanks so far, GrayFox
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    WCIII Dos Version - Defending Sol Mission Bug ?

    Hiya, First off, I know this is not really a hardware problem, but looking into the other subforums made me think that it still would be placed best here. So here's my problem. I've been playing WC III a few days now and once more I've proceeded to the defense of earth itself. But there...
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    Screen Flashing In Wing Commander IV In Windows XP

    There also is a Windows 2000 Patch. When I played WC IV on WinXP, I first installed the game, then applied the Win95 patch, then used the Win2k Patch. Game runs fine. You should find it in the files section of the homepage. If you did not install this one in addition to the Win95...
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    WC Armada - Net Play Troubles

    Of course I know that. As I already mentioned, we were able to play via LAN, that implied the use of correct syntax xD. Of course we used IP adresses. First off, we tried to use DosBox only, without Hamachi or other VPN software. So wie tried to connect by using my external IP adress. I...
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    WC Armada - Net Play Troubles

    Thanks a lot! Now it runs via lan, but online playing doesn't work. We tried starting dosbox.exe, then started ipxnet startserver / connect to linkup the dosboxes. But this did NOT work. Hamachi didn't work, too. The needed ports are forwarded. There shouldn't be any problem. Without getting the...
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    WC Armada - Net Play Troubles

    Well, then I still need to know where to grab that external netbios.exe and get it to run in dosbox o.o Thanks so far, Gray
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    WC Armada - Net Play Troubles

    Additional Information on the used computers: PC 1: AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Venice @ 1800 MHz ASUS A8N-SLI Premium Mainboard, providing 7.1 OnBoard Sound (used by DosBox) and 1000/100/10 Ethernet LAN 2 GB DDR-RAM PC-400 GeForce 7900 GT 256 MB Samsung 300 GB Harddisk IDE DosBox 0.71...