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    X-wing and TIE fighter coming to GoG

    Fantastic news. These are my favorite games of all time, and I hope this will give people who never played them a chance to do so.
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    Aaron Allston passes

    Dang, I had no idea he was involved with Origin or Wing Commander. I knew him from his Wraith Squadron books, which I really loved -- exciting, funny, touching, some of the best Star Wars books there were. Claw Marks was one of the best game manuals ever, and I read it many times over the...
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    RSI Announcement: Live and Post-Live Thread

    Hm. This looks very ambitious. Too ambitious maybe. It seems like the kind of thing I'd love to design and program, but wouldn't really want to play. The whole idea of an MMO seems cool, but it's just not something I actually enjoy or have time for. Nor do I really like the open-world style of...
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    WC1 Colour Ribbons image

    Yeah - I'd do that too, except I would use one of the first three Venice missions, where I knew I couldn't get on the losing path. I always hated that they made me choose between getting a full chest of medals and successfully completing all the missions. That might actually be my biggest...
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    WC1 Colour Ribbons image

    I agree. I seem to remember some article or something mentioned that medals and promotions were back in Wing Commander Prophecy, and I was really looking forward to that, but all that wound up being was a few set events in the story. Nothing against Prophecy - I really loved that game...
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    BREAKING NEWS: Is a New Wing Commander Already In the Works? (September 8, 2011)

    I can't see a Wing Commander game being released now as anything I'd care to play, but I'm glad to hear it may be coming back. I'm also interested to see what Chris Roberts finds lacking in the cinematic storytelling of games today and what he plans to do differently.
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    What if... - Wing Commander never happened?

    I remember opinions on this being about evenly split among my friends and I. Wing Commander's graphics were more colorful and had a certain life to them, but they also could look extremely pixelated and lacked a natural look in motion, since the ships could only be viewed from a limited number...
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    What if... - Wing Commander never happened?

    It is conceivable that X-Wing would not have happened when it did if Wing Commander did not exist, though I think it would have eventually - the concept is just too perfect. But that probably would mean it would be a different game than what it was, perhaps significantly so. Nevertheless, I...
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    Wing Commander Games I didnt Finish!!

    I have played and finished all the games in the "main series" (the numbered games) for PC. Never played any of the others.
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    VDU rear camera in wing commander

    I kind of agree. The cockpits really did a lot for the immersion factor. Although I did feel there was a sleekness to the WC4 HUD that felt good as well. I missed the idea of cockpits, but I didn't miss them that much during actual gameplay. And of course, doing a cockpit wrong can really...
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    Wing Commander III. Major Success, or Dramatic Fail?

    I have now spent some time with the game, and I think the general feeling that was going around is justified. It's very much a rehash of the first game, gameplay-wise, except...less. It's much shorter, things have been simplified (not in a good way), and the whole thing seems easier and...
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    Wing Commander III. Major Success, or Dramatic Fail?

    I think it's possible to try to rehash something but then come up with a worse execution of it the second time around, and that's the vibe I'm getting from the negative comments on this game. I have yet to play the second game much, but I intend to, so I'll have to wait until I'm finished with...
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    Wing Commander III. Major Success, or Dramatic Fail?

    I actually think, in some ways, Wing Commander III was a middle ground between I and II. In I, you could achieve ranks, medals, explore the ship, and talk to people (or not). In Wing Commander II, your rank was set by the story, there were no medals you could earn, and you couldn't explore the...
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    F-110 Wasp...experimental fighter?

    You kind of had to make your own fun with the cloaking device in Wing Commander IV. Tailing ships for a while and then decloaking and taking them out, flying at them head on and then decloaking, etc. The way this has worked successfully in games hasn't been like stealth in an FPS; it's been...
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    F-110 Wasp...experimental fighter?

    That sounds pretty good. I wish I'd had that in Wing Commander IV... TIE Fighter had something like both of those, and they were quite fun, though the fun there was based heavily on the kind of energy management you don't really do in Wing Commander. I thought the cloaking device was kind...