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    The Story Behind the Crossbow 'Bomber' (October 25, 2019)

    Sure not in Corvette size landing anywhere. How big as Corvette? Kamekh Size? 130m? Or another Venture at 80m? But it would sure a lot of fun flying a Capital ship in Wing Commander 2. Slower and less agile as the Broadsword but with also several turrets with more Firepower - Flak. Run into a...
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    Happy Birthday Star Citizen! (October 10, 2019)

    Also a few others. I like the Banu Video...heck a full story in the Verse in that style 🖖
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    Wing Commander Saga via Freespace Open

    Some errors with the Freespace Knossos Version For example the start is auto. You cannot start alone. Some missions are buggy. But in another terms the Engine uses the later build for effects. See the shield effects here also Explosions, Wrecks etc look much better. Also the limited ships you...
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    German Video - PC Player

    They don't upload it on the PC Player channel because the Armada Vid was a AVI in the Database. The old Database has some Vids - Rebel Assault, Strike Commander, Fifa, Comanche etc. 15-30 sec long. This is from the 11/1994 CD-ROM. I just take the Wing Commander Videos on my channel :) Boris did...
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    German Video - PC Player

    Back in the days of 1994! the PC Player was the first magazine with a CD-ROM and Reviews & Previews in videoformat. The Player had a Database and here i upload again the old Review of Wing Commander Armada - that Video was done in that month of Release ;) PC Player was the predecessor of the...
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    Defiance's Eyecandy Thread

    I like the Thunderbolt VII in WC3 a lot. Missiles, good guns, Torpedo and even a back turret. But my all time favorite is the Sabre.
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    New 3D Thread

    Can't wait also for Ingame. Homeworld 2 Mod from LIF or the WC Saga Mod from crazycanuck. The Waterloo was as well as the Ralatha and Fralthra in the WC1 timeline. The TCS Leningrad Waterloo was destroyed by Hobbes Fralthi. Also Flat Commander. Hope someone finish it in your style.
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    Defiance's Eyecandy Thread

    I remember the design style from Marc back in the days
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    Star Citizen: Past & Future (February 1, 2019)

    I must say - i don't belive EA would make any Wing Commander in the future. They sitting on much better saled IPs. Star Wars and Mass Effect. Would make Star Citizen sense on Consoles? No - the patch politic of M$ and $ony would cost for 10 Patches already 1.5 Million Dollar. In a Game over...
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    All About Origin's CD-ROM Editions (January 30, 2019)

    Too bad Pacific Strike gets no CD-Talkie Version :( Or even copy the Discs on a CD like WC1+2.
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    Defiance's Eyecandy Thread

    And CIG continued this double canopy design with the Banu Defender As Escort Ship for the Merchantman
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    Germans Love Their Wing Commander (December 14, 2018)

    It was a Comedy Special from the first Gamestar in Sep 1997 until mid 2004 or 2005 - can't remember it. Raumschiff Gamestar - Starship Gamestar where some hero Journalists gametester fight the Evil one :D In that Scene Jörg Looking for Heinrich. The other guy was some sort of Bounty Hunter...
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    Rebel Galaxy Outlaw!

    The upcoming space combat game Rebel Galaxy Outlaw will also be an Epic Games Store exclusive, Joke or? :/ Steam not at release?
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    Wing Commander makes the top 5 at Space Dock

    If we are correct, the Bengal is as a Strike Carrier also a Battleship Hybrid. The 4 guns on the sides we see in the Venice Cutscene are bigger then the normal Laser turrets. So we think thats Heavy Neutron turrets like the tripple turret from the Exeter. Bengal as Strike Carrier have near the...
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    Wing Commander makes the top 5 at Space Dock

    Well - the Vesuvius carry 400 fighters - Midway just around 250. So it is the better carrier. Also he dislike the Midway internal railsystem. The Vesuvius is a better armed and bigger Yorktown - some style of classic carrier. But in Firepower the Vesuvius has the armament of more then four...