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    Kickstarter Corner: Jeff Dee's D&D Art (August 14, 2012)

    Hm... as far as I know Jeff worked on WC II. Did anyone knows what he was doing there? Drawings, stills, artwork?
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    Just a question: the axius starbase from WC IV - was this installation destroyed or not? What did the novel say about this? Deacan
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    Pixs Origin Adventures anyone?

    Hey... did anyone seen this here before? There is a quite nice collection of all kinds of stuff from Origin, including Wing Commander 1 - 5... Deacan
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    Secret Ops ships that don't shoot well on full guns. A bug?

    This topic brings me back to a question I ask some times ago - but I did not get a response.
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    T-Bolt in WCP SO

    Just wondering: did the T-Bolt in WCP SO have a rear turret? Is it that "long range laser thingie" as used by the Dev/Shrike or something different? And 2... Not about the HF-66, but the TB-80: the range of the plasma gun - 6000 klicks? Can someone please confirm this? My guide to the game...
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    a replay or what became of one night

    Wc3... a great game indeed. Last night I played it again and something catched my attention. The scenes on the fightdeck - It seems that the nose of the T-bolt (including the cockpit) had nearly the some size as the pilot... With snapshots and this blueprint from the user Flanker I calculate...
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    Most underrated fighter

    well... I say I do. We never saw the piranha at her work: for anti-pirate-missions, recon. To be fair, we used it one time for escort... The F-106 has more armor, more fuel for the afterburner, its nimble... Yes, it mounts a gun fewer and 2 missile less. But I never ever had more fun than...
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    Wingnuts, please help me...

    ...only time can offer some cure... I was in a similar situation, nearly 2 years ago. And I lost everything: my girl (after 9 years of living together), my future (I was working for her parents), my publisher for my books (since the publishers were her parents or better a part of their...
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    question on the Murphy class

    So, whats that round "hole" on front of that destroyer (that blue glowing thing)? A tube for anti capship missiles or some sort of plasma gun???
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    Can this little thing jump?

    Me too... I mentioned it earlier, its very sad we did not use that bird more often...
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    Can this little thing jump?

    Just wondering - in the ships database it says that the F-106 Piranha has a jumpdrive... Can anyone confirm this?
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    Tri-System Tribulations (April 10, 2010)

    ...standing still for half an hour and no one hits me... Just a simple question: how long did spooney spent on the game - if you are only playing a few battles with a skill level of green or rockie or so its no wonder that no one harms you! The first fights and kills are just for target...
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    Here in good old germany we have someting called "Schwarzer Abt", (black abbot), a very very very sweet beer (3,9%) and I like 'cause I dont get drunk so fast...
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    Favorite car.

    Well, I dont have a driver licence (trouble with my right eye) but if Im forced to choose... would be a Z28 Camaro. Why? Because one of my childtime hero's owns one in red with wing doors: Matt Trakker...
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    Spoony Experiment's Privateer 2 review

    ...oh my godness... Well, to be fair, I watched the review, but I was thinking: what the f...? I get the game in 1996 (just 2 days after my birthday happens!), it run stable on my pc (a Pentium 133MHz...). Crashes? Zero. Joystick? No probs, only after some time (meaning: 5 months...