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    WC3 on WINXP SP2, 100% working solution

    use a default configfile for 0.71 and it will run fine. (maybe only add that deutch.lng)
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    WC2 DosBox 7 Problem...

    yes. I was thinking of changing the default of dosbox to timing is false on the next release or introducing a timed=auto which would enable timed=false on cycles=auto
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    New DOSBox Version Released (March 11, 2007)

    on win 2000 or win XP it works fine. It's the purpose of the program actually. To run dos games on systems that don't have dos (anymore)
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    New DOSBox Version Released (March 11, 2007)

    mount them all with one command and press ctrl-f4 imgmount d firstiso secondiso etc -t iso
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    New DOSBox Version Released (March 11, 2007)

    Thank you for updating the guides!
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    WC1 & 2 - Dosbox problems.

    actually dosbox takes the setting for granted, but it doesn't raise any irqs at all. This can be good or bad. If the game doesn't care for the irqs then it is good. If it uses the irq to put new sound effects on the soundcard then it bad. It's not a situation that could happen on a real dos...