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    Star Wars: Empire at War

    I thought EaW was pretty darn cool. I could play the open-ended galactic conquest maps all day. Nothing like seeing Mon Calamari Crusiers get blown to bits and seeing those self-righteous Rebels in full retreat. the camera could be quirky, but i thought it worked well 95% of the time. FoC was a...
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    About EA and WC games...

    i didn't like how Microsoft bought up Digital Anvil. Also, with how buggy Battlefield 2 came out....i'm not that big a fan of EA as much anymore. I bet even Battlefield 2142 was buggy, but i didn't buy it because of what they did with Battlefield 2...and all those "expansions" they had for...
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    What car do you drive?

    wow so many Jap cars. I drive a 2001 Jeep Cherokee 4x4, best brand of SUV ever
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    Best space shooter sims since 2000?

    I'm really a big fan of X-Wing Alliance. I thought the story was pretty good, except i hated it that it didn't finish up the Family storyline. There is a fan project that upgrades the graphics and textures of the ships, which makes them way better. Looking for a copy of Freespace 2. Didn't...
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    The Best Games Never Published

    a dune game would be very cool as would a new movie...but that's goin off topic anyone remember Conquest: The Frontier Wars i think it was was a wing commanderish fleet strategy game. It was started by Chris Roberts and Digital Anvil, but then they handed it off to someone else...
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    Old Great Games beloved by WC Fans

    no one has yet to mention the MechWarrior series yet, i still play the recent ones. I should dust off the older ones and try those again. And Freespace I don't think i'll ever get the same experience playing a game as i did when i first played Wing Commander Prophecy, X-Wing vs. Tie...
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    Space Force 2: Demo Out!

    sounds more like X3
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    GL_d3d_5::createZBuffer attach failed 87

    i've had this happen and i have Nvidia
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    The Stargazer

    Oh really....low blow there. Like your not by telling me that? See, here in case is my point. A trollish twit huh? so what does that make you, the white knight out to slay us trollish twits? Oh powerful admin, i tremble at those remarks made to....ya right. Some people are just taking...
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    The Stargazer

    Some people take all this crap a little too seriously.
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    Supreme Commander

    Ok well let me clarify then...father as in the 3D unit RTS games....sure you had command & conquer and dune. But its not just me saying to
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    Supreme Commander

    Oh ya, if anyone has ever played Total Annihilation, one of the best RTS games ever, and the father of all modern RTS. This game is made by the same dude and is kinda a sequel in a way as a visit to how TA was and how it played. Just really amped up with new graphics and probably a better story...
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    Wing Commander Relaunch

    When was S:AaB on tv? I dont recall anything about it at all?
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    Secret Ops video

    How do I up the resolution and be able to access the advanced video settings? I do have an GeForce 6800, so i should be able to. Tried to search for this, but didnt come up with anything
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    Terran Confederation

    ok..slap me cuz i looked at the page just to see what these goofy kids are up to. i dont know of any real life confederation..just looks to me like some starcraft clan with a bunch of kids with too much time on their hands and mixed WC and SW. i wonder if they got permission from the 501st...