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    physical models to buy?

    Beautiful, just beautiful. Gonna grab a bunch while I still can. I noticed you printed the Tallahassee, but it's not in your store, do you plan to add it in the future? I've also noticed that the bug fighter packs are not for sale, do you plan to add those as well?
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    Spoony "reviews" Wing Commander

    Guess what, Spoony *does* love bad movies. He owns every movie Uwe Boll has ever made, along with several of those starring Reb Brown, and he has that Highlander 2 poster in the background. He loves the bad FMV games, that's why he played through them to get footage of them for his "reviews"...
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    Spoony "reviews" Wing Commander

    How silly of me, clearly I am in the wrong here. I should have just dismissed your claims in a condescending manner with some witty sarcasm instead of replying in a semi-serious fashion.
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    Spoony "reviews" Wing Commander

    He is not being fair to the movie... by pointing out its flaws and how it could have been done better, and has been done better in the games? So what would be fair? Praising its groundbreaking special effects? Its faithful adherence to the source material? Its star studded cast? Its high...
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    Alternate Ending for WC3

    If Blair dies, then who's going to stop Tolwyn? Bondarevsky and the Landreich?
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    WC3 KS Version fix on XP

    Another happy user here. Mincemeat's patch thingy didn't work on its own though, but Skanks did the job. I have a similar system (XPSP2, 3.0GhZ processor with Hyperthreading). By 'did the job', I mean 'I'm never going into the Berths without saving again!', cause that's the spot that crashes...
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    Agincourt II class

    No, I posted this thread because I got into an argument with someone else about the "Tallahassee" class designator. Since the last time you corrected me (in which I mistakenly recollected that you used a harsher tone, thus my inadvertent barb about "swiftly chastised"), I'm rather touchy about...
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    Where to buy WC Prophecy Gold

    I googled it and got nothing. Even Amazon's EA pack that has Prophecy in it is out of stock and they probably aren't going to buy more. I can't personally vouch for EBay though, I got mine early, when it was released.
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    Agincourt II class

    That is not my intention, why would I do that? What do I stand to gain to do that? *sigh* I apologise for inadvertently offending you, LOAF, that was not my intention, and I had incorrectly interpeted your tone in your earlier correction of me.
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    Agincourt II class

    I'm not being bitter. And all you said in that other thread was "First of all, the suggestion in recent years is of course that 'Ranger-class' and 'Tallahassee-class' may be the wrong labels for the two ships you're describing. " So that means I'm calling them by their wrong names, right?
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    Agincourt II class

    Hrmph. He was mighty swift to chastise me on calling the class "Tallahassee"
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    Agincourt II class

    Bandit LOAF of course. His ship list states as much.
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    Agincourt II class

    I've been bashed about this for assuming that the Cruiser in WC3 and 4 are the Tallahassee class but are instead the Agincourt II class. Is there any direct evidence to this? I've like to roll it across a rather intransigent person who still firmly believes otherwise.
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    WC4 Mod For Homeworld 2 In The Works (June 5, 2006)

    Great work so far! Keep it up!