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    Babylon 5

    Yeah. I didn't really like Thirdspace much, it was basically just an extended B5 episode with no big connection to the rest of the plot. But The River of Souls was a good movie, not for the plots, but because of those funny things they threw in. Like when Garibaldi said "What? Ok. I'm as...
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    Cruiser Confusion

    It looks like a cross between the Battlestar Galactica and a WWII Battleship to me. Looks cool ;)
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    HALO Fans!

    Yeah, half the stuff I read for Halo took me a while to dissect and piece it together to what I know about Halo.
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    Top 3 anime

    1. Neon Gensis Evangelion 2. Robotech: The New Generation 3. BattleTech: The Animated Series *The one with the First Sumerset Strikers*
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    Christopher Blair the Super Hero

    The Cross looks more like an Ankh to me.... All this stuff is cool, keep up the good work.
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    WC the movie

    Doesn't Prinze and Lillard generally work together in movies? Welcome to the boards, chris_blair_fpj :p
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    Concordia-class Super Cruiser

    Intrepid was also the class the USS Voyager was in Star Trek: Voyager, and the Intrepid herself wasn't seen or mentioned.
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    WC Novel impression from a first time reader (End Run)

    I got all of them 'cept End Run. I recall someone posted the whole novel in .TXT format...I managed to pick up Pilgrim Stars for a couple of bucks at a Used Books Store and it was in perfect condition. Action Stations was good too.
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    HALO Fans!

    In the words of Simmons from Red VS Blue "Thats...awesome, sir!"
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    HALO Fans!

    You can also interpret that remark as the marines are refering to the Master Chief's armor, which, in Halo 1 is the MJOLNIR Mark V. Also, the Marathon symbol is not only on Captain Keyes uniform, but on the sides of the Pilliar of Autumn. I noticed that in The Maw and I thought it was...
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    Babylon 5

    I liked the Mini-series as well and I when I saw it I went "WTF?!? Starbuck's a girl?!"
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    Concordia-class Super Cruiser

    There's also a Concordia University near Orange County, California, and a town named Concordia in Argentina.
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    Concordia-class Super Cruiser

    Here's a picture I found of the Concordia off google. It's practically the same pic used in the Confed Handbook.
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    Message From Admiral Towlyn (August 1, 2004)

    Well the subtitles say its "Towlyn" for the first half of the movie and then it goes to Tolwyn, maybe I am forcing myself to hear it, as I havent seen the movie for a bit.
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    Babylon 5

    The only game I know that they made for Babylon 5 was a plug-in for a Macintosh game called Escape Velocity Override and that was pretty fun. You get to fly in just about whatever you want, but you got to earn it, and the like. It's quite fun getting a White Star and flying against the...