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    Some fan tributes are just plain weird

    Modern? I still prefer vintage Blue-hair and gang.
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    Where should we discuss the WCPedia?

    I personally second the fan art galleries. On regards to the ship images, if possible it should be included with the game rendering art and a screen shot or series of screen shots from the in-game engine.
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    Call of Glory to Guts n' Glory

    Call to Glory has undergone a shift from its original purpose, partly due to my browsing of Star*Soldier and Privateering. Also reading the old Privateer Online docs had also thrown in new designs. Originally, Call to Glory was a much more sanitized game and in many ways didn't suit my story...
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    WC RPG ideas

    RPG maker is rather simple, so I jumped the boat and am working with the RPG Toolkit (GPL). My dad and I attempted to write an original engine. More or less to say not even a Kilrathi strapped with several Paw missiles could get it to fly. :p Let alone render without going black and reaching...
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    What era of coloring sheets?

    So I finally got my grubby Kil paws on a student edition of Illustrator and did some playing around to get my skills back up to speed. It feels more versatile than Photoshop - akin flying an Arrow over a Hellcat. For a long term project in one of my design courses, I decided to give into...
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    Fighter coloring sheet challenge

    Thusly Ninja, I raise you a Rapier 2. When I get my student version of Illustrator, then it'll be vectoring ho!
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    Yet another DVD covers...

    These look pretty awesome. My only nit picks are for you to tuck periods underneaths quotations, use smart quotations and try to eliminates widows and orphans in your text (this is my nitpicking after taking my Typography final earlier). Beyond that, it kicks some chitinous Nephilim ass.
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    Broken ship computer in Standoff?

    Heh. The computer's Freudian slip is pretty funny. Anybody remember who does the computer?
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    The Kilrathi Social Dynamic

    Well, my favorite has to be no or little concept of surrender, but itself becomes a question to how the no surrender would effect the social structure. Something that Melek realized when Kirlah went boom!
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    Fighter coloring sheet challenge

    Yep, that's what I'm proposing. In a few days time I'll be releasing a coloring sheet of the a top down WC2 Rapier, where we fellow wingnuts can color it in any scheme they want. Standoff's Rapier II is my favorite bird out of the flock (sadly, the Sabre just falls a tad short of a Kilrathi...
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    WC interiors; sample images wanted

    Figure I get around to asking anyways. So as my class grind has lessened, I've picked up work on the artistic assets of the slow crawling "Call to Glory," the only problem I realized is that I'm in need of various interior shots to help in creating in-game tilesets. Call to Glory has...
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    Standoff Chapter Four Now Available

    Anyways I'm happy with the big improvements. Thanks to Standoff, getting my ass kicked by Kilrathi has neven been so fun.
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    WC Ship reference pics please?

    Well, after a few tries it finally came together at the last minute. Now to start on the engines.
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    WC Ship reference pics please?

    Thanks again Loaf. You're the sage whenever it comes to these things. I'm already working on a Confed cruiser (class name is in the air) and will post some WIP pics soon.
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    Countdown to Launch!

    Once again BrynS, you kick ass. This trailer rocks.