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    wing commander IV on DVD?

    I bought my copy at german eBay without a problem (around 50€). It's just not always available. Keep trying, it's worth it! ;)
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    How close are we?

    hmm... to the SAGA website!? Not that they would have any more news there...
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    WC4 Mod For Homeworld 2 In The Works (June 5, 2006)

    What you got so far is very promising and looks absolutely fantastic. I hope it will feature a single player campaign in the end since I'm absolutely not interested in playing multiplayer. But even playing the normal campaign with wc ships would be awesome. Keep up the very good work! d(^_^)b
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    this game, WC Saga, and the truth

    OK, I didn't read the whole Post. (Dude! Paragraphs!) But I have to agree partially. IMHO there could be more little updates on the (hopefully) progressing work but that goes for pretty much all the projects. But besides that I really love what I've seen so far and it's great that some...
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    Quick Question

    Great News! I so hate it when you got your halfway wrecked ship back to your carrier and want to pull off your stylish landing and a few meters before the landing you get a stupid movie/sequence thing like in Prophecy... I'm glad to hear that you guys are doing it the right way. ;-)
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    WC4 DVD offers on eBay Germany - who is this?

    Yes, one of the main reasons I really don't like this freaking country... it's pretty annoying. You can't even go in a shop and buy Computer Game or similar things because everything is dubbed and whatnot... But what has this to do with this thread?
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    WC4 DVD offers on eBay Germany - who is this?

    Whatever... I'm looking forward to my DVD. ;) EDIT: And even when he sell's copy's, why report him? Are you working for eBay, so you have to look after their interest's? It's not like any company would still make money with the originals.
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    Other Space Sim's

    Thank you for your Suggestions! @ChrisReid: Thx anyway. @cff & Edfilho: I'll definitely check out Hardwar, thx. @TopGun: Yes Colony Wars is great (as far as I can remember...). Somehow I managed to miss Star Trek: Invasion all the years. I'll check it out, thx...
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    Gentoo GNU/Linux for everything besides Gaming.
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    Other Space Sim's

    Hi, Is there any good (good story presentation aswell) Space sim out there besides Wing commander? I alredy own: I-War 1 & 2 Freespace 1 & 2 Wing Commander Series (of course) Privater 1 & 2 & Remake Tachyon: The Fringe Colony Wars Series (Playstation) Starlancer Freelancer...
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    VDMS + usb joystick

    Here are the steps to get Wing Commander III and IV running (for me). 1. Right-click the WC3.EXE (on the first CD) and select "Run with VDMS". 2. Select the second Option "Set up a custom configuration" 3. ..."Create a new configuration from scratch". 4. ...(Advanced) 5. Under the...