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    A Modest Proposal: Saving Mr. LaFong (April 1, 2017)

    I am very glad to see this post. I have the Wing Commander I & II ultimate guide and always wanted to know who this LaFong guy was. I originally thought he was another character on the Tiger's Claw, but his stories were so detailed regarding Maniac, that I started to think it was another name...
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    GOG Adds Armada to Mac Compatible Lineup (December 18, 2013)

    this is great news, now i can play my old WC games on my new Mac!! thanks..
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    GOG Adds Armada to Mac Compatible Lineup (December 18, 2013)

    not sure if this has been answered, but on the "gog" website, it states that the games are compatible with Windows and Mac OS. does that mean that you download one install and it will play on either operating system or do you get to select one at time of download. I ask because i recently got...
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    Book Recommendation

    got a question, just read through this thread, is Pilgrim Truth available in publication? i was able to grab it when the CIC posted it and i can now enjoy it on my ipad, however i am afraid to "update" my ipad of fear i will loose it..
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    Wing Commander on Mac

    wow, this is really infromation i need...i was looking up the "mac" versions of both WCIII and WCIV on ebay!! would have been a very frustrating day after waiting to receive the games and not have them work on my current Mac. i think i will just stick with an XP PC for now. Or purchase a...
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    Wing Commander on Mac

    WOW, this is great info, thanks for all the detail. I have not had a chance to work on this, but will definatley soon. Again thanks and i will keep you posted. I thought i had to rebuy my copies from gog, or ebay if they made Mac versions.
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    Wing Commander on Mac

    Hello, havent been online in a while, i hope all is well. I recently purchased a Mac..wanted to know if anyone has been able to play Wing Commander. The new Mac's do not have disk drives, so i bet my purchased versions of WC3, WC4 and Prophecy would not work because they are on cd's. but is...
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    Aliens Colonial Marines (Still a good game)

    I too could not wait for this game to come out and I too bought the Collector’s edition because I am a huge Aliens franchise fan, and Yes I too hated “Aliens Resurrection”. Even Aliens 3 was a stretch, but I did learn that they wanted to try to bring back the fear the original Alien movie...
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    Whatever happened to Frontier Prelude to Darkness

    an i thought i was the only one watcing this...thanks for posting...i too dont know what happened...i heard the same as YoungBlood..remaking early episodes into HD and then possibly a DVD...i wil lkeep digging and let you know what i find but for now..nothing new...
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    New Classic Cartridge Player Coming Soon (January 10, 2012)

    this looks really cool...i hope a something like this comes out for 3DO games to be played on the PC...i have both Super Wing Commander and Wing COmmander 3 for 3DO but no working console..very cool
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    Boost Your CCG Collection (November 8, 2005)

    i am still looking for cads! and would be happy to take a "box" shipping area is USA, NY
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    Windows 7 and WC3...

    while we are on the subject of WCIII KS and WCIII GoG...are they one in the same. I have KS and will soon upgrade to Win 7 64 and cant wait to play, but i also just joined GoG...of course i will get their copy of WCIII but for the extras as well. i am not looking for a different gaming...
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    Ranks/Units in Pilgrim Truth

    got it, thanks...i guess it is good to have, with the background Pilgrim stuff...i'll start searching on ebay...
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    Ranks/Units in Pilgrim Truth

    a qustion regarding the read through...i just finished Wing Commander movie novel, by Peter Telep. I will start Pilgrim Stars these posts there is refrence to "Wing Commander Confederation Handbook"...and i dont have a copy of it required, am i missing important info...
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    WC3 Trailer Park (September 13, 2011)

    hey, did they make a trailer like that for Wing Commander IV....