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    LEGO Commander

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    OGame Light Fighter Looks Familiar (April 4, 2006)

    And five tiny ships at the bottom of the fleet look quite a lot like piranhas!!
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    The WC interactive Flash navigation map

    That project looks real great!! Keep on that good work. Do you plan to include detailing stuff such as bases, mine/asteroid fields & so on?
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    copyrightquestion from a newbie...

    It is great to see you finally did it. It looks great. Congratulations!!
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    Where would you start?

    I cast my vote for continuity (Maybe playing WC3 & Priv in parallel)
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    Thanks For Another Great Year (January 1, 2006)

    ...and don't forget those who are replaying the old games. Most of us have found lots of help from the tech support forums and, thanks to it are now capable to enjoy them again after almost 15 years!!
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    Where would you start?

    Start with the WC1 man, and play them chronologically if you have the time to. I think you will follow the storyline much better doing so! In fact, I also started WC1 expecting to go through to Standoff about 10/2005 and I don't regret it at all!! :D Though I'm still playing Secret Missions 2...
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    Does Gemini Gold need PV remake for anything

    Woah, I didn't think I would arouse such a bitter controversy only by making such a "simple" question. BTW: I feel myself capable of setting up DOSBox, I'm just another WC fan willing to try new projects with *NO* knowledge about how this "mod creator gang wars" started, as most of those...
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    wc1 base: asteroid or not?

    Well, Perry Naval base is Gemini Sector's HQ in 2669. As Gemini Sector is the "The Terran frontier between the Kilrathi Empire… and the unknown." Seems reasonable that thase might be similar bases along the frontiers, at least on in each sector, depending on Kilrathi activity. Is size and...
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry christmas, and have a nice 2006!!
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    copyrightquestion from a newbie...

    Maybe the point is the profint you want to obtain from it and whether you expect to industrially exploit it or not.
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    copyrightquestion from a newbie...

    Well, I will surely look like a fool but, after reading this thread... :rolleyes: there might be no problems concerning intellectual properties, copyrights and so on when dealing with fanmade projects as standoff, flight commander or, for similarity matters, holding the line??
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    Official 2005 Web Site of the Year Voting Thread

    How can we know what projects/pages won/run up the contest the previous years? BTW, WingCenter link does not work :(
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    Flight Cmdr 1.3 Released

    Hi eddie, now that FC 1.3 has been released, is there something to be done with the previous 1.2 alpha 1? I downloaded it, but not yet installed. Does the shippack work with 1.3? BTW: I've tried the following: If in-game text to speech does not sound correct, please install this program...
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    Armada ON-LINE

    Uuuh, it's a very recent news. I think I should have been more attentive at them!! Thanks alot!!