New Confed Ship Online

(Miyahira, 2681.56) In time for the TCS Midway's return to Sol, a new cruiser is being unveiled by the joint military/Bartok Enterprises team that constructed her. Although several images have been released of the vessel in action, nearly every other aspect of her abilities remains highly classified.

In development for over ten years, the vessel is a quick strike heavy cruiser that will initial act as a peacekeeper in the war torn sectors hit hardest by the alien threat. Although details of the cruiser's specific function, location, and compliment has been kept classified up until this point, it is believed that it marks a technological step forward as great as the Midway.

A minor bone of contention has arisen amongst conservative members of the governing ranks. This has to do with the name of cruiser, which is the Cerberus. An ominous moniker that had many at the press conference regarding her activation concerned. The press conference featured the head of the project, Dr. Jacob Hildreth. He acted as coordinating production engineer on the project and had the following to say:

"Names contain the basis of all primary psychological constructs. If a name is referenced with specific imagery, the end result is a host of assumptions about capability and function. This initial judgement is in the minds of any enemy pilots who would think about assaulting the vessel, as well as the pilots assigned to defend her. That is a personal hypothesis I have been exploring, however, the actual motivation for the name was the image of relentless strength and eternal vigilance as embodied by the guardian of Hades. After all, a cruiser such as Cerberus is intended to guard the interests of Confed and her allies from any aggressive force that dares cross into our space. The religious implications of the name should be balanced by the fact that Cerberus was a mythical creature that is not referenced in any active religious belief. As a symbol the name holds power, and we are glad to note that this has not been lost on the general public."

The rest of the presentation revolved around the subsequent images provided to the press. As we learn more the specifics regarding the capabilities and ultimate function of the vessel we will keep you informed.