Rebuilding Begins in War Torn Sectors

(Alcor, 2681.56) What began only a few short weeks ago has ended, and now the citizens of the war torn systems of Hellespont, Alcor, Tyr, Dakota, Tartarus, Ymir, and others, have begun the arduous process of rebuilding what was destroyed. With damage estimates at a calculated ten percent share of all Terran Confed Sector resources, officials are moving quickly to establish firm guidelines for labor division.

Colonel Julia Novak is in charge of the planning team and spoke briefly at a conference held at the primary mineral processing facility of the Epsilon sector. At the conference, she read the following statement:

"As people grieve for the loss of loved ones and look to the Terran Confederation for guidance, we wish to assure all citizens that their needs will be seen to. Already we have established reconstruction management facilities on thirty planets and stations scattered throughout the affected sectors. At this time we are very positive about achieving complete damage assessment and resource allocation within forty-five days. At that time, Terran Confederation Reconstruction Officials will assemble reclamation response teams and the process can then begin in earnest. We know we shall succeed in rebuilding the lives, homes, and hopes of the citizens of the confederation as surely as we have defeated the menace which threatened them."

Hardest hit by the conflict, Hellespont settlers have voiced concern over what they perceive as the slow response time the Confederation. Governor Milam Weir of Hellespont offered the following words to ISDN following Colonel Novak's statement:

"As is expected, folks around here are a little nervous at having anywhere up to fifty percent of all vital services cut off. The fear is that Confed is moving as fast as it can, and that may not be fast enough to save lives threatened by exposure, starvation, and disease. However, having seen the way the Midway handled the alien threat, I have no doubt that these fears are unnecessary. I appeal to all citizens to be strong and give full cooperation to the Terran Confederation officials that come to assist you. This is no time for bickering and unrest. Let's come together, as we always do, and rebuild our future."

Several systems within the Hawking and Argent sectors, well removed from the conflict, have voiced their objections to the steep resource donation estimates. The outspoken and controversial grassroots leader of the Arcadia system, Representative Joshua Irium stated that he did not want to see his sector's resources, "…squandered on temporal hotbeds, which offer little to the citizens of the Argent sector other than financial and emotional stress over sectors which are constantly in trouble. How many times must we rebuild before we decide to stop expanding? This engagement and the lives lost should serve as a warning for future expansion."

Regardless of the criticism he received after making his comments, Representative Irium plans to take his concerns to Governor Cavazos in Sol. The meeting should occur in one solar week from this transmission.

For any citizens who has damages they need assessed by Terran Confederation Reconstruction officials, please contact your nearest local representative for all pertinent forms.