TO: Lt. Lance Casey
FROM: Sarah Casey
SUBJECT: Hello! Congratulations!

I love you so much! It took Gloria, David, and the Helfmans (you remember the Helfmans don't you? They went with us on the Christmas trip to the Miyahira nebula resort) to keep me on the ground when I heard the news of your victory! All of us here have had to see the doctor to get our fingers uncrossed !

It's been so long since I've been able to send you mail. I kept getting red flag responses, and spec. grab dumps. I know you've been on the line, and haven't been able to write back, but I wish you could've gotten a word back to us. Relying on TC news and second hand military info has been so very stressful.

I thought I was prepared for this after living through your father's time in the service. I guess those emotions all came bubbling back up when the Midway engaged the aliens. Then I hear that you are the pilot who helped route the aliens and you've gotten a medal, and a promotion, and…well…Your father would be very proud of you, son. I can feel it.

Anyway, I'm just so very glad that those fears were unjustified. Your Aunt Linda and Uncle Rob are as eager as I am for your return home! Now Lance, I'm certain that will be soon, they can't deny you at least a week of leave to visit your family. We're all preparing a big party!

Please be safe!