Personal Log: Lt. Lance Casey
We're almost ready for Proxima. A second wormhole? I still don't understand why they haven't just crushed us. They have more tech, ships, and support than the Confederation and the Kilrathi combined.

Are they just going to keep opening wormholes and hoping we don't squash them? Seems incredibly shortsighted for a race that's been tooling around in space longer than we've been literate. This is something pilots and marines aren't enough for. We need to evolve some system of real understanding or we're going to be infested by the one cockroach that is suddenly immune to our spray.

That's it. Last log for now. Hopefully, it's not the last forever. Well, given my writing that might not be such a bad thing.

I never think about how embarrassing it'll be when these are looked over when I die.

Just in case: To whom it may concern,

If you're reading this, I've died. I failed on my mission and pray to God that you were able to succeed in my place.

If you're looking at this for any strategic reasons you have wasted a bit of scan time, and I apologize for not being thorough. My logs from Midway should have provided all the tactical information I was capable of giving before just needing a way to get some thoughts out of my head.

Do me a favor, if it isn't too much to ask…Tell my Mother I love her. Also tell Jean Talvert that I'm sorry I couldn't buy her that round of drinks at the beach like I promised.

Man, that's dismal…I better go get in my ship and occupy myself with something I'm good at.