Continuation of Partial transcript of General Assembly hearings on theoretical analysis of Alien intent.
Key members of assembly regard statements of representatives from Hurston Dynamics, Guinterin Combine, Bartok Industries, TCIS, and TC Scientific Organization.
Extract from Dr. Jacob Hildreth's address to the committee
{Continue Dr. Hildreth comments to General Assembly}

{Assembly Chairman} The group has reviewed the documents you presented us Doctor, we are very interested in hearing your continued comments.

{Dr. Jacob Hildreth} Thank you, Chairman. [pauses] Since we last met, you are no doubt aware of the escalation of the Alien activity within the Sol Sector. This further underlines the problematic interpretation of the initial conflict merely being a single minded attempt to expand Alien influence of our section of the galaxy.

{Assembly Member 3} Reviewing the last comments we heard from you, you were about to expand on which of the possible interpretation of Alien intent you considered being the most viable.

{Dr. Jacob Hildreth} Exactly. Well, unfortunately, as we gather more and more data my preferred interpretation of our team's findings has a tendency to be extremely mutable.

However, I will attempt to offer my opinions, limited as they may be. As you can tell from the documentation you reviewed there were multiple instances of energy signature common to the Alien craft being detected in certain systems just outside of the initial conflict.

The Sectors in question are Kilrah, M'shrak and Epsilon.

In the Kilrah sector, within the Kur' u-Pak quadrant signatures were detected in K'sk'taq system. In the M'shrak sector, within the Tr'K H'Hra quadrant signatures were detected with the Hhallas system. Finally, in Epsilon sector within the Sa'Khan quadrant, signatures were detected within the Valgard system.

Similar signatures have been detected within the Proxima system. These signatures are not indicative of the enemy movement and engagement activity as is associated with their standard capital ships and fighters. As of yet, we are unable to determine the vector for these readings. It leads us to believe that that the Aliens are engaging in activities above and beyond the standard military offensive we have witnessed thus far.

{Assembly Member 1} Why do draw this conclusion? Even if the signatures are, as you say, not indicative of the vessels we have encountered, who is to say that this is not reflective of non-offensive organizational behavior we have not been privy to?

{Dr. Jacob Hildreth} I cannot. However, I do believe that we would have an indication if these readings were related towards standard fleet movement, re- supply runs, etc. It is our belief that these signatures represent vessels intended to work under the cover of military craft. Science vessels must exist on the Alien side and we have yet to see any.

Due to the lack of any significant military encounters in the systems mentioned, excluding Proxima, we believe that this represents the activity of a reconnaissance team.

{Assembly Member 3} For what purpose?

{Dr. Jacob Hildreth} That is open for discussion. There is not any known strategic value that the systems have. There are a number of theories as to the reason.

They could possibly be attempting to gather intel on possible places for the construction of additional wormhole devices. They could have been searching for weak points within what was once assumed to be strategic positions based on old data. By old, I mean centuries old.

There could be minerals or other sources of energy specific to the alien ships that is found only in these systems.

However, they could also be involved in any number of other missions. There is always the possibility they were looking for something.

We do not have enough data to render a conclusive statement.

{Assembly Chairman} Your recommendation?

{Dr. Jacob Hildreth} I recommend that we have a constant TCIS eye on the quadrants this activity was discovered. I have with me a number of possible deployment schemes for intel probes in these areas.

If you'll refer to the next set of documents I have brought along you'll see -

{Dr. Hildreth at this point referenced Flat-Scan documentation. These documents may be viewed pending commanding officer approval and completion of 36-G.A.42f : IR76B-37&38J request form}

Pending clearance further testimony will be available through this channel.