Captain Report
As you were informed by your final ICIS briefing in the preceding sector, the 'sects are messing with the binary stars in the Proxima system.

The details aren't terribly clear yet, but Intel believes it is some form of stellar accretion device. Now I'm a Captain, not an Intel digit brain, so I'm as unsure as you are as to how this device works. The only information we have is that by harnessing the power of the two suns through the use of some particularly advanced methods they have the potential to power a wormhole twice as big for as long as the stars' energy holds out.

Even a non-scientist can figure out that could equal a very long period of time.

Our work in the Krieger system has gone along way in allowing additional Confederation ships to move into position for an assault on Proxima. We're expecting to run into a bunch of mean cornered bugs with big guns, so don't lose that edge.

Now I don't care about the past anymore. This is the most important stage of all and the past means nothing if we do not succeed. We will triumph or die here, folks. This is the shot to make up for any losses. So, let's get to it.

We're going to be reinforcing some Confederation ships scattered throughout this system currently and taking the most direct route to the device the Aliens have constructed. Unlike your previous encounter with such a device, I don't think we'll just be able to blow this thing up and call it a day. You are probably going to be called upon to provide some precision strikes to allow our boys and girls a chance to get in close and examine this thing.

But who am I to predict our next action. That will be outlined in your next ICIS briefing.

This could be our final push ladies and gentleman. As such, you are to report to the mess for the best rations we have and a few bottles of contraband confiscated from Lt. Garret's quarters. I'm sure the other pilot's appreciate this selfless act of giving, Maestro.

That is all.