Personal Log: Lt. Lance Casey
I'm a little distracted. Well, I'm a lot distracted. Jean was trying to ask me something and I blew up. I know she knows that the stress just kind of came out of me, but…well I hope this flyboy hasn't blown it.

She just…it's just when you hear this voice that sounds like a teenager trying to sound bloody, you can get annoyed. Even if you know the person behind the voice is one of the most precise killers in Confed, you don't always think about it. So, not thinking about her and only hearing the voice I…well…went BOOM.

Anyway, a good apology should help. I'll get to that right after I'm done finding ways of delaying it.

This next push should take us through to Proxima. This is where the 'sects are supposed to be massing. I hope so. The more I can cut through, the more sparks of dying fighters that I leave in my wake, the more of these bastards doesn't live to breed…I gotta calm down…

Maybe these tranqs will help me sleep. Haven't yet, just made me see things behind my lids that I want erased.

Oh, yeah...>Jean<…Can't forget that…

Sleep is overrated anyway.