Captain Report
Now the next phase of this trip is pretty damn critical. We managed to get out of Luyten, and we just have to push through to Proxima. Intel says that they believe the Aliens are up to something in Proxima, God only knows what, but something. As far as I'm concerned that something revolves around a bunch of humans getting killed, so we're going to have to teach them a lesson.

Now, I've been hearing some grumbles and groans about shift length lately. Well allow me to reassure you children with the knowledge that these creatures have not only introduced a particularly lethal plague on us and threaten to stamp out the Earth, but there have been some reports of fluctuating shifts in the scans of Proxima's two stars. This indicates that whatever the aliens are doing it is affecting the energy output of the stars. This could threaten the entire system.

So now you aren't trying to protect a transport or even a star base, you're trying to save the inhabitants of an entire system. Remember that.

There are some Eyes Only material about the Blue Horizon that I expect all of you have read. This alien virus is a threat that is going to be with us for some time. Any and all encounters with alien craft should be treated as Level 4 containment situations. I don't want us eaten alive before we've had the chance to ram a few more bolts into the face of these alien bastards.

You folks are the best in Confed and I have the highest confidence we will prevail.

Whoever kills the most bugs on this push gets an unlimited tab at the bar.