Ana Marie Alberghetti Destroyed!

{SOL, 2681.96} As the conflict continues to heat up, the first victims of the Alien war of aggression are recognized by the Confederation.

Thousands of mourners turned out to offer good-byes to the deceased passengers of the luxury cruise liner the Ana Marie Alberghetti, which was destroyed by hostile alien forces.

The Guinterin Combine has ceased all civilian transportation aboard their cruise liners until the situation with the remaining Aliens is resolved. Guinterin officials have stated that another cruise liner, The Blue Horizon, is also missing and presumed destroyed.

The tragedy would have been complete if another liner, the Twilight Purchase, had not been rescued by a passing contingent of Confederation pilots. Although no details are available as to which ship the pilots were attached to, the survivors were quick to offer their praise.

Eyewitness Felicia Drovin stated, "My husband and I had just secured our children into the [emergency seating of the shuttle] when we saw this horrible alien ship bearing down on the launch bay. Before it could [fire at us] Confederation fighters came screaming out of the sky and blew it into a million pieces. My daughter thought the whole thing was a show and started applauding. I couldn't help it, I started applauding and crying and thanking whatever spirits are looking out for us. Bless the Confederation."

Captain John Demerest released this statement, "I wish to heartily thank those individuals from the Confederation who assisted Twilight Purchase in her time of need. I also wish to announce my resignation as Captain and public condemnation of the Guinterin Combine. We were never informed of any possible threats to our security, nor were any possible threats mentioned. I believe that the Confederation should be held in the highest regard in this situation and I personally have begun meeting with my attorneys regarding further action against my, now former, employer."

Guinterin representatives were unavailable for comment.

Once again, we here at ISDN wish to stress that no individual or group should take it upon themselves to travel within the no-fly zone. The Confederation is doing everything it can to resolve this situation, and as their progress continues rest assured we will be the source of information you can rely on to tell when it is safe to travel freely again.