Ana Marie Alberghetti Destroyed!

{SOL, 2681.96} As the conflict continues to heat up, the first victims of the Alien war of aggression are recognized by the Confederation.

Thousands of mourners turned out to offer good-byes to the deceased passengers of the luxury cruise liner the Ana Marie Alberghetti, which was destroyed by hostile alien forces.

The Guinterin Combine has ceased all civilian transportation aboard their cruise liners until the situation with the remaining Aliens is resolved. Guinterin officials have stated that another cruise liner, The Blue Horizon, is also missing and presumed destroyed.

The Twilight Purchase is now the latest victim of the conflict. All passengers and crew are believed to be dead. Reports are that Confederation fighters were unable to prevent the ships' destruction.

The loss has brought the attention of a number of Confederation critics who point out that this is "yet another example of the cost of delaying the information disseminated to the public".

Guinterin Combine representatives held a press conference where they announced their official inquiry to the Confederation regarding the lack of fighter escort made available to these ships. Representative Kyle Devi stated, "This tragedy is one that impacts us here with Guinterin deeply. The loss of human life far outweighs the ships' material value. We will do whatever we can to provide peace of mind for the unfortunate relatives."

Once again, we here at ISDN wish to stress that no individual or group should take it upon themselves to travel within the no-fly zone. The Confederation is doing everything it can to resolve this situation, and as their progress continues rest assured we will be the source of information you can rely on to tell when it is safe to travel freely again.