TO: Major Terrence O'Hearn; Major Karl Bowen; Major Amber Elbereth; Lt. Lance Casey
FROM: Lt. Jean Talvert
SUBJECT: RE: RE: Enoch Murkins?

You mean Clippers? No, that can't be it.

Maybe he's always redlining it…You don't think he monitors our communications do you?

I really don't want him to know we're talking about this.

He's taken to yelling at me for absolutely nothing.

Just about an hour ago, I threw an apple out that I'd been munching on and he screamed, "The CORE, EAT THE CORE, you don't just throw an apple away on a Cruiser in deep space…You eat the core." That went on for five minutes until I had fished the apple core out of the trash, washed it, and ate it in front of him.

Apple cores do NOT taste good.

This guy scares me. Clippy…something seems right about it…