Letter responses

The response to the editorial printed by Robert Brindle has been so strong that we have decided to dedicate our editorial section to the voices of those readers who felt strongly enough to write in.


It is about time that such words spoken in such a public forum! Mr. Brindle is to be applauded for his words of warning. I have watched systems once pristine reduced to scattered debris. I have seen asteroid belts and planets alike raped for their resources in the name of "winning the war".

What good is winning a war when you have destroyed yourself in the process?

Julia Thompson

Yllthane, Mu Cephei

To whom it may concern,

Robert Brindle reminds me of the damned Mandarins who sided with the Kilrathi. I had to fight scum like them from within while fighting cats. I lost the use of my legs after ejecting from an Epee in the Port Hedland system. My ship had been sabotaged by one of the Mandarin who was captured and executed shortly thereafter.

I believe that the Confederation [understands the risks] it takes and doesn't want to see innocents robbed of their freedom, and systems with settlement potential destroyed by the need for military resources.

Maybe Robert would prefer that [we all lived on] a peaceful, green, fruit bearing utopia raising cattle for our Kilrathi masters? Personally, if we have to destroy the settled part of the galaxy to prevent aliens from destroying us, so be it.

I read ISDN to be informed, not to be spoon fed pacifist propaganda. Please cancel my subscription.

Lieutenant Jeff Anderson (retired)

Earth, Sol


My group has been working to achieve such resource reform for a number of years. Our efforts in the Argent sector have shown that you can responsibly provide for all aspects of society while providing the Confederation with the required resources for military development.

Your article stands as a testament to those of us dedicated to making a difference, and propelling the human race to a far more glorious position in the galaxy.

I wish you the best of luck, and hope others understand the righteousness of your vision.

Warmest regards,

Luis Chau

Managing Officiate of Argent Resource management board