Personal Log: Lt. Lance Casey
> We're on the way to Luyten. Luyten station is said to have a lot of Confed ships. This is good. We need a lot of backup if we're going to make it through this.

Spyder and I hung out most of last night. He hears the same noise I hear during pre-jump staging, and that noise keeps him from sleeping at night as well. Scary how deeply you begin to identify with each other…We stayed up and debated the validity of the current super carrier program. Neither of us really give a damn, it just makes us feel like normal people to argue about something as meaningless. Politics only matter to those who would be the first to die in a real conflict.

A lot of those people were on the Twilight Purchase. I'd never seen a cruise liner on anything except holo-vid. Thing was massive.

Really wasn't any way to stop the bugs from tearing that thing apart. No armor, no turrets, hell the shielding seems barely enough to get through a belt. I've never heard a thousand people dying before. Each one seemed to be trying to scream louder than the next; that last word hopefully heard by someone who will survive. I've already modified the sample filter on my communications channel to ensure I'll never hear it again.

I've got to make Luyten count. I'll make up for every civie who burned on that liner with a dozen 'sect corpses.

The Twilight Purchase. Man, seems cold-blooded to name a ship that after what happened in Trafalgar two years ago. What the hell was it doing out here? Why in the name of everything holy didn't the Guinterin Combine cease traffic through this area? They have more government contracts than civilian schemes, they must have known the danger. Somebody related to somebody on one of these liners is going to make sure some execs lose their ability to breathe.

Found out that the hearings on Alien Intent or whatever it's called was delayed after a terrorist bombing outside the dome. It's being moved to another location. Should resume soon.

Just got done the rest of Zero's dad's dirt on the virus. Makes me want to move to McLean system to be as far away from anything real as possible.

Okay then.

Luyten system. Luyten station. It has to be a stopover and I just know we're going to have to fight for it, I just hope we don't fail.

I think I can sleep now. Maybe.