Partial transcript of Dr. Benbow's General Assembly address on possible Alien toxicology issues.
TO: Lt. Hands, Israel
FR: Cmdr. Silver, Leonard J.
Sub: RE: Intercepted transmission

Apprehend and detain the crew of the Hispaniola. Confiscate any and all cargo, and deliver it to the Kasmir Research Facility on Centus Prime. Trading in junk and trinkets is one thing, but this kind of scavenging must be controlled.

Under no circumstances is the Hispaniola to be allowed to off-load her cargo. Use deadly force, if necessary.

Please contact me when the Hispaniola's cargo is secure.

Cmdr. Leonard Silver

TO: Dr. Livesey, Morgan, Director, Kasmir Research Facility
FR: Cmdr. Silver, Leonard J.
SBJ: Second Chance

Dr Livesey,

Good news! It looks like you will get another crack at a functional alien drive. A derelict alien fighter will be delivered to your facility within the week. This time make sure your team doesn't screw it up.

I still have nightmares about your 'accident' at the Pherlon facility. Please refrain from conducting any plasma weapon research while deconstructing the alien drive. If you lose another facility, I'll have your ass on a platter.

Cmdr. Leonard Silver

[Oh, BTW, the environmental controls may be functional on this craft as well. Do you have anybody with biotech experience on your team?]

TO: Cmdr. Silver, Leonard J.
FR: Lt. Hands, Israel
Sub: Cargo secure


The Hispaniola's cargo is secure. The technical crew aboard the freighter had only partially disassembled the alien craft. As per your orders, the fighter and all its components have been delivered to the Kasmir Research Facility.

Oddly, the crew gave up without a fight. Apparently one of the technical team caught some sort of rash that had them all spooked.

Lt. Israel Hand

TO: Cmdr. Silver, Leonard J.
FR: Dr. Livesey, Morgan
SBJ: Craft received


We have received the alien craft and begun our analysis. We have successfully removed the drive unit, and are in the process of breaking down its key components. Our work should progress quickly, and I will send weekly reports.

On a side note, our biotech division has been analyzing the environmental regulator in the ship, and is making good progress. We have preserved the alien remains found in the cockpit for future study.

Commander, did the alien craft pass through decontamination before it was shipped here? As per CDC regulation I2230-A? I only ask because a strange rash has broken out on a couple of the biotech team members, and it looks like it may be related to the alien craft.


Dr. Morgan Livesey
Director, Kasmir Research Facility

TO: Lt.Cmdr. Smollett, Edward, Confed Disease Control
FR: Cmdr. Silver, Leonard J.
SBJ: Favor

Hey Ed, how are you doing?

I have a favor to ask of you. I have been unable to raise anyone at the Kasmir Research Facility for several days. That idiot Morgan was running the place, and I fear that he has screwed up in a major way. Do you think that you could discreetly take a team out there and see what's up? I'd really appreciate it.

Oh, and I'd have your team take full detox gear. I have reason to believe that there may be some biochemical contamination at the facility.

Thanks, buddy. I owe you one.


Dr. Benbow: On 2681.51 three square miles of Centius Prime was immolated from orbit. It appears that Lt. Cmdr. Smollett flashed the Kasmir facility and surrounding area, then purposefully crashed his craft into the resulting firestorm. His final transmission was largely incoherent, but it allowed us to track down Cmdr. Silver.

Gov. Sephert: Where is Silver now?

Dr. Benbow: He is being held in the Xervius Detention Facility.

Gov. Sephert: And the crew of the Hispaniola?

Dr. Benbow: Umm, I have been unable to verify the location of the Hispaniola or her crew.

Gov. Sephert: But weren't they being detained?

Dr. Benbow: Yes, yes they were. There are conflicting reports as to what exactly happened. It seems they either escaped or were forced to leave.

Gov. Sephert: Doctor, you are granted full authority to track this thing down. Use whatever resources you require, but track down that ship! The last thing we need is a major outbreak in an election year…

[Transcript ends.]