Captain Report
Luyten system is next on the card, folks. Don't expect a terribly warm welcome.

There is every indication that we are going to have a tough time of it when we hit the system. Aliens have a fairly effective blockade going on and it's up to us to ram our way through it and get to the Luyten outpost.

I have personally penned a request for the Guinterin Combine to be held responsible for the loss of the Ana Maria Alberghetti, and the Blue Horizon (only just discovered). As a TC preferred corporation they should have known in advance that they were putting all of those civilians at risk. Heads will roll if I can do anything about it, I assure you. It's ridiculous that these cruise-liners were running in light of the TC warnings.

An incident report concerning the cruise liner BLUE HORIZON should be available shortly. It has to clear a couple of channels, will probably take a few days. I expect you to read and understand this document as soon as it is made available.

Your failure in protecting the Twilight Purchase will only fuel any accusations of Confederation neglect in the matter. Several thousand people died, folks. If we fail like this during the final stages of this conflict you can add a few zeros to that number.

Success. That is the only word which is coded to make me respond with a smile. Anything less and you might as well be a chunk of floating meat in space.

If you don't value your family, your friends, your culture, your species just go right ahead and keep on flying this way.

The public is now fully aware of the scope of the alien presence following the destruction of these ships. Luckily, we've had enough time to maneuver the fleet into position and set up containment plans for any possible panic. There might a few snags though now that the press has gotten a hold of the fact that we dropped the ball on the Twilight Purchase. Dead witnesses say whatever people want them to say, and don't care much for containing a possible panic. You've just given a bunch of hard working Confederation folks more trouble than they need. Jesus people, show me why the Midway valued you so much before we end up as just another statistic.

Be strong, be prepared, stay alive.