Confed releases statement about Hot-Spots

In a move towards public admission of the unrest in {systems} the Terran Confederation has released an official statement about unrestricted travel hazards. Although this would seem to indicate that there is a problem in line with the civilian testimonials we have received, ISDN has not received either confirmation or denial of the nature of the threat.

In accordance with the Public Awareness act and the Emergency Information Exchange program, here is the brief statement as received by ISDN

Official Notification of Possible Hazard Terran Confederation Citizen Awareness Council
Due to the presence of rogue alien craft and the threat posed by pirate/mercenary forces in affected sectors, the Terran Confederation has mandated all travel or commerce that qualifies as non-essential be suspended until the situation can be fully assessed.

As information is compiled and verified it will be made available.

A complete list of affected sectors, as well as qualifications of "non-essential", are available from your nearest officiate representative.

Thank you for your time.