Personal Log: Lt. Lance Casey
I wish I were a marine. Less baby sitting, fast results. Of course, you're usually dead a lot faster. Maybe that's not such a bad thing…

We pushed into Talos and made it through. Currently en route to Cygnus.

Supposedly we'll be helping to drive a wedge in the Alien forces. I don't know about that. I feel like a pebble in a dam that's got more than a few cracks.

There are still reports of civies out there acting like idiots. Zero promised and delivered some info on the alien virus that makes me very uncomfortable. Supposed to be more on the way…good bedtime reading. Jesus.

I have to remember to bug Maestro about what he has in his quarters. I know he's tanked before he ever meets us at the bar. This isn't fair, and he's afraid of facial injuries. I think I better go speak with him.