Unconfirmed contacts set settlers, traders alike, on edge

Reports have been filtering into the staff here at ISDN that vessels have been disappearing, firefights have taken place, and that the alien menace is with us and closer to home than we would like to believe.

Although unavailable for comment, both Governor Cavazos and Admiral Rayak have stated numerous times that the alien presence is negligible at best and merely the (as stated by Admiral Rayak), "…straggling remains of a defeated fleet…"

Straggling remains has not been the picture we here at ISDN have received from civilians living in the Vega sector. Reports indicate that firefights have broken out in the outlying systems of Enyo, Gateway, Eddings and others. Several civilian transports and research vessels have been reported missing over the last two days. These reports, combined with eye-witness testimonials and recorded transmissions indicate that the alien presence is indeed still with us, and in numbers that threaten the safety of space-faring travelers.

Although official reports indicate that these incidents are due to a combination of the increased pirate/mercenary reclamation presence and straggler alien forces, the increasing number of encounters is cause for concern.