Captain Report
Good work, people. We're on our way to Cygnus.

As you learned we now believe that the aliens are massing for a strike against Sol. A strike against Earth itself. Here in Cygnus we will be attempting to divide what we believe is the main thrust of the Alien force. If we can push them out, bust them up, and make them fear our presence, we will have gone along way to ending this conflict.

Now we all know that Cygnus is known for it's R&R facilities, and the civilian presence has the potential to be very high. Now I don't want to see any more innocents caught dead in this conflict so consider it a high priority on all missions to respond to any and all distress calls you get. Now I don't want you to baby sit anybody, we just need to keep a lid on this thing, and that lid is about to blow off. Any civilians that get caught up in the conflict need to be properly debriefed so we can maximize containment of any panic.

Expect mission structure to be focused on deep recon, support for any vessels that might need it, and strikes against any concentration of aliens that is dumb enough to show it's slimy face to the Cerberus' crew of cold blooded killers. Now get out there and make your species proud.