Commodore Blair Remembered in Heroic Fashion

The memorial service for Commodore Blair yesterday evening was a stellar success. It felt more like a celebration of the freedom's given to us by his heroic acts, than the somber farewell to a fallen warrior.

The festivities were held in New York City and Hightower Flats, Nephele. Holo-Link testimonials from as far as the Repleetah and Avalon systems were heard, painting the picture all would wish to remember of Commodore Blair.

The Nephelese council did announce their plans to turn the farm Comm. Blair bought at the end of the Kilrathi War as a historical site. His home will be converted into a museum containing personal effects as well as historic memorabilia from the duration of Blair's career.

Director (of what has been termed the "Heart of the Tiger" memorial and museum of military history) Ushio Jergun is stated as saying, "We look forward to visitors and citizens of Nephele visiting the museum and gaining a deeper understanding of the commitment and sacrifice shown by not only Commodore Blair, but the millions who gave their lives in search of an end to hostile conflict. This will stand as not only a memorial to the memory of a great man, but to the potential all sentient beings have to resolve even the deepest and most critical conflicts through a reliance on the pure mediators of truth and justice. "

Some criticism has been leveled against the council of Nephele in regards to the appropriateness of a Commodore Blair memorial on their world. Blair only spent a short time on the world between the end of the Kilrathi war and the Border World/Black Lance conflict he also helped resolve. Director Jergun pointed out that the only significant time Blair spent as an adult that was not aboard a military carrier or station was at the Terran Confederation Naval Space Academy. Jergun then added, "Even though his time on Nephele was brief, this was the world he turned to when he wanted a home. We honor his decision, his memory, and his foresight, with this small gesture of respect."

The surviving members of the group tHE lOVEaNIMALS played a selection of music from the tour attended by then Major Blair in 2669. Uil Yth, the enigmatic founder of tHE lOVEaNIMALS made this statement, "Although I'm opposed to violence in any form it might take, I cannot deny that the actions Blair took in his life made possible the widespread distribution of our musical vision. I only hope our frequencies can tap the spectrum of the eternal, and reach his noble spirit."

The major surprise of the night was the appearance of the reclusive Saranya Carr, famed star of the popular movie series, "Luna Jones, Jumpscout". Although scheduled to appear, the Actor has not made a public appearance in nearly five years. Greeted by a warm round of applause, the lovely Saranya was resplendent in a full length gown made of rare nanoptic fibers, which swirled in colors shifting upon the complimentary lighting that bounced off of its surface. Although tabloid rumors had placed her in a disheveled state of self-induced depression, there was no indication of that at the memorial. She acted as MC for the rest of the affair, but not before saying a few words.

Carr, now 50, made the following comments, "When I was twenty-five I was given the opportunity by the TCSO to visit a particular carrier. I leapt at the chance. I didn't care which it was, or where it was. I did not know it was to be the Tiger's Claw, and that the Lieutenant who would give me a ride in my first fighter would be a young Christopher Blair. He was a noble quiet soul, with a sense of duty that inspired the change in direction we took with "Luna Jones". Although our relationship was brief, he filled me with a respect for the pilots who protect our interests every time they put their hand on the stick. I knew this man was special, and that he would go onto great things. Little did I know that he would be regarded as a hero of such greatness, and that he would deserve every word of praise offered tonight. Now with my daughter's up and coming debut in "Riva Jones, Daughter of Destiny" I only hope we can recapture the verve and patriotic spirit of the previous films without being crushed by the shadow of our species most important hero. He will be missed, but not forgotten. Goodbye, Chris, may the world live up to the example you have set."

She then went on to introduce a long line of speakers, each of whose words were as memorable as the ones before. A complete transcript of the event is available in ISDN archives.