Partial transcript of General Assembly hearings on theoretical analysis of Alien intent.
Key members of assembly regard statements of representatives from Hurston Dynamics, Guinterin Combine, Bartok Industries, TCIS, and TC Scientific Organization.
Extract from Dr. Jacob Hildreth's address to the committee
{Assembly Chairman} Dr. Hildreth, your statement?

{Dr. Jacob Hildreth} Of course. Esteemed assembly members, and representatives of Confederation interests. My work, since the activation of the Cerberus has been centered around the examination of the Alien invasion. With the help of TCIS, TC military, and Corporate intel we are attempting to piece together a comprehensive analysis. Allow me to preface any comments I have with the fact that I am not a military strategist by trade. The initial thoughts my team and I have are based purely on an objective analysis.

{Assembly Member 1} Your findings?

{Dr. Jacob Hildreth} Not conclusive as of yet. The patterns present within the Alien strike plan indicate that the losses incurred were unimportant to the success or failure of their, hereto unknown, purpose. The sheer number of alien fighters encountered in the initial conflict lead the Confederation to the assumption of a major strike force attempting simple conquest of Confederation space. However, this assumption has been determined by our initial findings to be premature and shortsighted.

{Assembly military member 2} Are you saying that the Terran Confederation acted in error? Seems,we scared them back to their space, whatever their intention.

{Dr. Jacob Hildreth} No, our action was reasonable, merely enacted in haste and almost purely reactive. We mobilized our forces and focused them solely on the area the initial Alien fleet was detected. With the discovery of another Alien force even larger than the first, we can only assume that (whatever our success) the Confederation was effectively distracted from detecting the movement of other Alien forces.

{Dr. Hildreth at this point referenced Holo-Vid examples of the Alien invasion, and the possible weak points of Confederation influence. This example may be viewed pending commanding officer approval and completion of 36-G.A.42f : JJ-17f request form}

{Dr. Jacob Hildreth} As is plainly visible we were corralled into these systems and left other possible entry points unsupervised. Granted, we did not know the potential for Alien wormhole construction due to our inherent lack of data, however the facts as they stand is that we were diverted from sensitive areas that the Aliens exploited to bring in more forces.

{Assembly Member 3} What does this indicate to your and your team, Doctor?

{Dr. Jacob Hildreth} Well, as I've already stated, I believe that the Aliens intended to engage us in these systems and did not factor the possibility of losses. This indicates a number of possibilities, none of which should be taken as mutually exclusive, based on their surface.

The first is that the Aliens assumed the Kilrathi still represented the primary offensive threat and had not anticipated the strength of the Confederation's response to their incursion into our space.

The second is that the Aliens sought to distract our attentions in order to establish a secondary strike force that could cut its way behind the thrust of the Confederation fleet. Not anticipating such a quick elimination of their initial forces left this secondary group vulnerable to the Confederation initiative now under way.

The third is the theory positing that both the Alien forces we are currently encountering and the ones we have previously eliminated are part of an incredibly large Alien Intel scout group that has been sent to evaluate the strength of the modern sentient in this section of the Galaxy.

Yet another suggests that the Aliens had a goal in mind other than invasion and that the forces sent in were to support that operation through the distraction and elimination of any possible interference.

{Assembly Chairman} Do you lean towards any of these theories?

{Dr. Jacob Hildreth} Yes and no. I suggest that we review the following materials before I proceed.

{Dr. Hildreth at this point referenced Flat-Scan documentation. These documents may be viewed pending commanding officer approval and completion of 36-G.A.42f : IR76B-36J request form}

{Assembly Chairman} I wish to call a recess to allow the Assembly to review these documents at length. Quite…thorough…Dr. Hildreth

Pending clearance further testimony will be available through this channel.