Captain Report
We are clear of Ella system and are on our way to the Talos system. Now I know you are surprised as much as I am that not only are there so many 'sects running around, but that the big bugs are present as well.

Intel is still attempting to ascertain the strength of the enemy fleet. It's also a crapshoot as to their intent. We are working currently on the assumption that the aliens are attempting a backdoor invasion of Confed space. The direction of the offensive is an unknown, but if allowed to take Sol they could disrupt nearly all chains of command and allow for any number of other threats to surface.

I'm talking Kilrathi radicals, Pirates, organized mercs, and terrorists the like of which set off that explosion on the Terran ShipYard Arcology.

Now, I don't want that to happen, and I think you don't want that to happen.

More shoddy work, folks. Now there's no point dwelling on it, but if Ella ends up going down because of our ineffective performance our names are going to be cursed for the rest of time. Please help us prove that the Confederation was correct in not pursuing the drone fighter program.

Have you ever looked at our retirement plan? It assumes we survive this.

We're moving into Talos now, folks. This place is supposed to swarm. If it does we're going to have to put out our bug zappers in overdrive and proceed with some major swatting. I have a strong feeling that we'll be paying a visit to the Talos station and helping out the friendly forces stationed there. Through Talos we should be able to gain entry to the Cygnus system. A very important push is ahead of us. Good luck, and Godspeed.