Hearings On Aliens Begin On Shipyard Arcology

{SOL, 2681.75} The doors to the Ozawa Memorial Hall on the TSY were closed for the next few days of hearings. The General Assembly has begun hearing the statements of scientists, military officials, corporate representatives, and politicians as to the varying theories surrounding the Alien invasion.

The question, which has haunted many since the first shots were fired in the brief conflict, is, "Why?" The Aliens arrive with the seeming power to destroy us, but are suddenly shut down by our brave Confederation pilots.

Why did they invade? What was their purpose? Could a race that was supposedly prophesized in Kilrathi legend be so easily defeated?

These questions and others are anticipated to be on the agenda of the gathered thinkers.

Although the hearings are classified, as soon as ISDN knows more about the conclusions and recommendation reached by the committee, we will make them available for all to consider.