Vearrier Quadrant Heats Up

Pictures Required: Various screen shots of fighting between Excaliburs, Thunderbolts, and aliens

Scattered accounts of conflicts with aliens have been coming into ISDN from the Vearrier Quadrant. The volume of incidents is high, yet none are from official sources.

When asked to comment TC Press Liaison Gavin Stoil remarked that this was, "more accounts of the organized Alien remnants. It would be foolish to assume that they would not attempt to organize minor strike attacks just because they have no ties to a larger fleet. The Confederation will have this minor threat cleared up shortly. There is no cause for alarm, and definitely no need for a few brief encounters with alien forces to turn into rumors of a renewed alien offensive."

ISDN has received some spectacular shots of the fighting that seems to involve reserve fighters from the Vearrier Quad. Although no official notice of renewed Alien aggression on a major scale has been offered, these images paint a vivid picture of the minor dramas being played out in an increasing number of systems.