Commodore Blair memorial announced

After the TCS Midway's return home and the revelation that the Hero of the Confederation Commodore Christopher "Heart of the Tiger" Blair had been lost in the final battle with the aliens, an announcement regarding the memorial service has been made. A major ceremony will be held on Sol and Nephele Prime. An announcement is expected regarding the Nephelese council's establishment of Comm. Blair's farm as a historical site.

Among the requested performers and speakers, tHE lOVEaNIMALS (noted as the Commodore's favorite musical group) will perform. Also expected to be present are Saranya Carr (noted for her portrayal of "Luna Jones, Jumpscout" in the late 50's and a guest aboard Blair's first ship the TCS Tiger's Claw), Senator James Taggart, Capt. Daniel Wilford, Maj. Todd Marshall and others.

Flat-Scan and Holo-vid broadcasts will be available, with sectors outside the initial delay zone receiving packet transmission at the highest non-essential priority delivery status.

Commodore Blair's remains were not recovered, and he is not survived by any immediate relatives.

ISDN will bring you extended coverage of the service and a brief retrospective of this hero's astounding life, without which we might all have succumbed to the menace of two alien threats, and one civil war.