Captain Report
Well, boys and girls, that was a surprise. Not exactly the way I wanted to welcome you onboard the Cerberus and your tour of duty with her. It was as big a shock to me as you that the Courage system would have so many bugs.

Intel reports that Alien concentration in Sol is as of yet undetermined. Now, I realize you know that and are probably wondering what all your hard earned credits are funding. But folks we've had our eyes and ears pointed at the wrong place and only now have we begun to realize that these critters are craftier than they look.

As you've probably seen in your transcripts of the hearings on Alien intent, we still don't know if the bugs are pursuing a straight-up invasion, multiple stage infiltration, or even what their true numbers are. The only thing you should be concerned with is the fact that they are in spitting distance of our mother planet and ready for a fight.

Confed is trying their best to keep a lid on this so that we aren't faced with a mass panic in Sol. The resulting exodus would clog our channels with more craft than we could keep track of. Needless to say, all outside communication of this situation is strictly forbidden.

Damn sloppy work intercepting those bugs. You saw how many of their friends showed up for the party when they were able to relay our presence to their fleet. I expect the heroes of the Kilrathi engagement to perform a tad better in the future. Otherwise we won't be around to read documents like this for much longer. That's all I'm going to say about it.

Now that we have managed to get out of the Courage sector we are on our way to Ella. The Ella starbase is one of the most important facilities in Sol, outside of Earth herself. If she needs any help I want to be able to provide it. Most likely the Aliens are expecting our arrival and we'll probably have to face some long-range strikes from some insects looking to score a kill on Confed's newest big gun.

I know that all of you are up to it. I personally don't care why the 'sects are here, I just want you folks to act as God's own exterminators and put these pests down.

Let us hope that these are, as TC central calls them "stragglers". I have the feeling that we're only getting a taste of what is to come. Luckily, we will not be deviating from our current course to help the Confederation control those Black Market maggots who are looking for a buck. Hell, I'd sooner share drink with one of the 'sects than those scum.

Now let's go to Ella and make a difference.