Black Market Open for Business

The jump points from {system} to {system} are now under constant Confederation surveillance since the defeat of the Aliens. This following dozens of reports, complaints, and notices of pirates, mercenaries, scavengers and non-aligned scientific vessels sifting through the debris of confederation, Kilrathi, and Alien craft in recent sites of engagement .

Despite the Confederation no fly mandate placed upon these regions of space, profiteers, and others have recklessly tied up jump point traffic and placed themselves in harms way to garner some of the profit to be had by salvaging derelicts.

Coupled with the Alien threat allegedly foretold in Sivar lore, the execution of Kilrathi "Bloodeye" pirates in Valgard, has made the numbers of Kilrathi participants in the looting minimal. This places the blame squarely on the Terran black market, which has Col. Julia Novak calling for reasonable restraint.

In comments made 2681.66 Col. Novak said, "It comes as no surprise that such risks are being taken in the name of profit. We've seen it in every major conflict of human history. There are those who take any opportunity for personal gain, regardless of the risks to themselves and others."

She added, "This is not to say that we will tolerate any such activities. Until the Confederation has announced that unrestricted travel can commence in these sectors, citizens should consider these areas to still be a hot war zone and closed for any unauthorized civilian or corporate activity. If any vessel dares to dispute our authority on this manner, we will respond with all necessary speed…and force."

The threat of previously unknown Alien toxins, viruses, or other unknown contaminants present on derelict craft has prompted the action. Confederation sources state that the military scientific community, while excited at the prospect of examining Alien technology, are very concerned about biological agents posing a high risk to even the most qualified of research teams.

In her conclusion, Col. Novak stated, "This is a direct message to the small percentage of people we can't convince to avoid this area. We will perceive any vessel with Alien materials to be carrying an unregulated contagion for potential use in acts of terror against the TC. This means you lose if you meet up with us. Even if your intentions are the noblest, we cannot risk you contaminating the rest of the Confederation, and will fire upon you to neutralize any possible threat."

Strong words, and ones we here at ISDN recommend each and every citizen take to heart!