Confed Confronts Rash of Rumors

SOL: 2681.68

"There is nothing more frightening than a rumor," commented Admiral Rayak when questioned about the reports of Alien attack fleets spotted in various sectors located within Confederation space.

At a press conference held shortly after the Midway's welcome home the Admiral, Governor Cavazos, and other military officials addressed grass-roots organization the UIN (Unrestricted Information Network) concerns that the Alien presence is still active within Confederation space.

"What we have here are the straggling remains of a defeated fleet," offered Governor Cavazos, "The Alien threat has been reduced to the petty sting of a pirate gang. Their lifeline has been cut, and, like any social insect, once separated from the hive they will fail and expire."

The reports received here at ISDN have been of organized Alien strikes against private transports, refueling stations, and even against Confederation research facilities. The reports have varied in their depiction of the size of Alien force encountered. Alien ships in numbers as high as thirty to as low as two have been accused of being the entities responsible for a growing count of destroyed shuttlecraft, cargo ships, and Red Cross vessels.

Admiral Rayak commented, saying that, "…the incidents of piracy and terror since the conclusion of our primary engagement with the Alien menace has been mainly due to Pirates and fortune hunters; eager to lay claim to the salvageable wreckage left behind in our efforts…"

Rayak continued, stating, "No citizen of the Terran Confederation should be risking their lives and others in a mad rush to cash in on the war. We stand to uphold and maintain the order, which has seen our vast civilization through two intergalactic engagements. We will not tolerate such behavior during the rebuilding phase that has only just begun. Thusly, we will not hesitate to eliminate any group who would challenge our authority. We wish to provide a level of predictable security that can only be maintained by absolute complicity with the official processes set in motion."

The Confederation has mobilized its forces to sweep any and all pirates as well as rogue Aliens in the affected sectors. Due to the dangers inherent in tampering with unknown alien technology, as well as the threat of pirate or alien reprisal, all independent salvage operations have been suspended in these areas until the area is determined to be clear of any possible threat.

No timeline has been given as to when the Confederation will make such a proclamation. The ISDN will bring you inside coverage of alleged black market operations in an upcoming feature.