Reports of Confed Researchers, Faulty Tests, and Lost Pilots Cause Alleged Victim's Wife To Speak Out.

(Krieger, 2681.63) With the return of the TCS Midway, and the christening of the new Confed Cruiser the TCS Cerberus, questions have begun to arise about how Confederation R&D has managed to complete vast technological leaps in such a short period of time.

The questions have come from sources related to alleged victims of testing mishaps on the latest advancements in weapons, propulsion, and stealth technologies.

The latest voice of concern is from one Sam Langtry, husband of Captain Vera Langtry who was killed while testing new weapon modifications at the Krieger Science facility. Mr. Langtry is a research chemist for Paulsen Kinetics and has been involved in past military development contracts. After the death of his wife, he began to investigate internally the protocols and actual testing conditions pilots are subjected to. Mr. Langtry points the finger at what he perceives as cramped deadlines, shoddy procedural management, and a lack of respect for the lives of the pilots. At a press conference on his homeworld located within the Faith system Langtry, with the guidance of his counsel, made the following statement:

"It is my stated belief that my wife, Captain Vera Langtry was killed due to the gross negligence and incompetence of the managing body of the Krieger Research Facility. Several correspondences have come into my possession that indicate that all necessary steps to ensure the safety of the test pilot and the viability of the test system were not followed. It has also come to my attention that standard procedures have been cast to the side in favor of faster results. How long must we tolerate the Confederation using pilots as guinea pigs in their quest for the ultimate weapon? How many more brave men and women must die needlessly before we begin to question how our technology is developed? I am calling for a public investigation of the Krieger facilities actions in this matter and a review of all testing procedures throughout the confederation. As a scientist, as a husband, as a decent human being, I feel it is my duty and in the interest of all citizens of the Confederation, to demand answers."

Members of the attending press questioned Mr. Langtry's motivations for his stand, and if he was allowing his grief to threaten the security of the Confederation R&D program by turning "whistle-blower".

"Some people will call me a whistle-blower, that's fine by me. All I know is my wife died needlessly at the hands of a program bloated on the non-stop conflict which has fed its budgets and fattened the aging bureaucrats who are ultimately damaging the true effectiveness and efficiency of any future development."

When questioned, Major Charles Farmer, the Testing Affairs Liason had no comment. ISDN will bring you more news on the developing investigation when and if it occurs.