Personal Log: Lt. Lance Casey
This is my first log aboard the Cerberus. She's a nice enough ship, no Midway, but a nice ship. The big gun on the bottom and the speed form those engines make her one formidable craft in a fight. No matter the "strength" and "power" or whatever Jean said, I still think Cerberus is a stupid name.

Weren't we shooting down Cap Missiles of named the same thing? I guess you can't predict what TC officials are going to pull from.

The Captain is a piece of work. I haven't seen that many scars on one guy since Dekker and his men were around. He's down to business. I like that. He's the type of guy who just knows how to state the obvious well enough to make you cringe.

I hope this is just a babysitting gig as the Captain stated in his report to us. I'm tired of all the fighting. I just want to take a break…

Courage sector is supposed to be clean, but reports of small contingents of 'sect fighters have been spotted just about everywhere, so you never know.

We're supposed to be getting some variant fighters armed with the latest load outs. I've heard some talk about the "Dust Cannon", "CloudBurst", "Chain Ion" and "Mosquito RP" but I didn't think they had gotten out of test yet. Hope one of those doesn't backfire and make my Mom bury another dead man in her life.

Well, Dad…I hope you can hear my thoughts as I type this. I'll be thinking of you, Hawk, Blair, and Dallas, and praying I don't have to add any more names to that list.