Interest: The Twilight Purchase resumes service for Border Worlds cruise

{Cygnus, 2681.62} The luxury cruise liner the Twilight Purchase resumed normal operations today. Once again providing service through the Border Worlds to the ice belts of the Promise system. Although critics have warned that the cruise liner should wait until Confed has completed peacekeeping exercises in the sector, the holding company Guinterin Combine has publicly stated that it sees no reason to delay service now that the alien threat has been eliminated.

The Twilight Purchase was commissioned on 2679.240 and began service in early 2680. It has room for five thousand passengers and provides luxury accommodations for its journey. Although it is a civilian vessel, it was constructed to withstand the shock of limited engagement fighting.

Captain John Demerest released a statement that outlined the ships readiness, the course the next few cruises will take and the crew' eagerness to get back on the job, "Truth be told we're eager to start providing the quality service Guinterin has been known for in its years of service."

The initial run has been sold out for over six months, and passengers from almost every sector are heading to meet up with a trip that costs a years' wages for the average Confederation citizen.